New Release YA Novels I Won’t Be Reading

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2017 feels like a massive year for YA books. There are a lot of books being released in the next few months that are very hyped and ones that already people are diving in to. However i’ve found a lot from the ‘upcoming releases’ list that i definitely will not be picking up this year, or even at all. Here are the books that i won’t be reading.

Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth
I really enjoyed the Divergent series when it was released. Veronica Roth has a great ability to build characters and interesting and unique story-lines. However, i’ve heard so many bad things about Carve The Mark, i had to take it off my Amazon wishlist. I’ve heard it’s problematic, the story building isn’t that great and overall it’s not the best read. Having a love hate relationship with Veronica Roth’s writing, i was hesitant to pick this up in the first place, definitely not now.


Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo
I adore Leigh Bardugo, and i also adore DC superheros, so why am i not picking this up? In truth i don’t understand the big deal about it. Yes it’s effectively a prequel to one of the biggest heroines in the superhero universe, however i don’t know how well Leigh would write in the kind of style i’m imagining. I am cutting this out before i know a whole lot about it, but i’m so invested in her Grisha world that i cannot imagine her writing anything else just yet. I have plenty of Leigh Bardugo novels that i’m going to pick up before this ever makes it’s way on to my shelves.


Always and Forver, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
First of all, this is a little bit of a lie. I’m not sure if i’m actually going to pick this one up or not yet. The To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was fantastic as a duology, and i feel like adding another book to that might just ruin it a little bit. The story was finished after Ps I Still Love You and nothing more needed to be added. If i see it in store and really want to read it, i will, but i don’t have immediate plans to read it considering how much i adored the first two novels in this series.


Roar by Cora Carmack
Cora Carmack is a great New Adult author. She creates realistic stories with intriguing characters and is great for a read when you feel a little low and need lifting. I love her writing style. However, to hear that she is releasing a high fantasy novel has put me off a little. To me, the story-line seems to fall a little ‘safe’. As far as fantasy novels go, i like to read something that’s a little different, however if you read the summary (have a look on Amazon) it sounds like a mix of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard to me, with some romance thrown in.

Those are the novels that are coming out this year that i don’t think i’ll be picking up. I don’t want to make any judgments this early only, and for some of these i’ll be waiting for the reviews to see what others think. However i’m a little disappointed with some of these authors and the novels they are churning out now.

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