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Remember Pottermore? Every Potterhead was sent in to a spin a few years back when the promise of this amazing site Pottermore was announced. Well it’s had a revamp and you can now find out your own personal Patronus! Here at The Little Contemporary Corner, we’re all massive Harry Potter fans, so when it was announced that there were new features added to Pottermore, i resigned myself up (yes) and took the test to find out what animal would be my Patronus. I also retook my House Sorting test, my Ilvermorny House test and found out my Wand!

Back when Pottermore began, i already had myself sorted into Gryffindor. I bravely had myself resorted (i wanted a new start so just resigned myself up), all through the test i was terrified i would be sorted in to something that wasn’t Gryffindor. I’ve always seen myself as a Gryffindor so if i was to get another house, i’d have to rethink my whole life choices.


I’ve never been more proud in my life if i’m completely honest.


I then chose to find out my Ilvermorny house. If you’re not aware already, Ilvermorny is the American Wizarding School located in Massachusetts. In the same way as Hogwarts, the students are sorted in to four houses when they arrive at the school. These houses are Thunderbird, Horned Serpent, Wampus and Pukwudgie. You can find out more information HERE. I found out that i’ve been sorted in to Thunderbird which i think is the most fitting of my personality, Pottermore is doing good so far!


My Patronus was the one i was most skeptical about. I’ve seen a lot of people who are disappointed with what they got, or think that theirs is very incorrect. I’m unsure about what i think of mine. If you’re not aware of the world of Harry Potter (first of all, why not?) a Patronus is the most famous (and difficult) defensive charm. The spell creates a silver animal that is there to protect you. It shows a superior magical ability if you are able to create a Patronus.

I received a St Bernard as my Patronus. It’s not really the animal that i always had in mind mine would be, however it isn’t the worst to get (i know some people who have Squirrels or Voles, i would probably be more disappointed). I’m sure i will grow to love my St Bernard, i have all my trust in Queen Rowling that this is my destined Patronus.


The last thing to do on Pottermore is collect your want. Olivander is responsible for your wand himself, so again, i have ultimate trust in this site that this is the wand for me. I had my wand chosen for me years ago on the original site, however i can barely remember what is was. I know that some of the aspects of it are the same, but keeping in mind that i’m a lot different now than i was years ago so retaking the test allowed me to change my answers a little.

My wand is an average length and the chestnut wand is attracted to witches and wizards who are skilled tamers of magical beasts. It also is given to natural fliers and those who are talented in Herbology. Unicorn hair produces the most consistent magic, however they are not the most powerful of wands. Unicorn cores are generally the most difficult wands to turn to the dark arts and they are loyal to their owner. hp4

If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan and have yet to join the world of Pottermore, get yourself online and find out all this really great information about your witch or wizard self! I mean, it will definitely come in handy in the future right? There are a loads of exciting features on Pottermore to explore, so go ahead and have fun!

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13 thoughts on “Pottermore Sorting

  1. I’m glad you got into Gryffindor again. The first time I signed up (when it was first introduced) I was sorted into Hufflepuff. While there is NOTHING wrong with Hufflepuff, I always had considered myself a staunch Ravenclaw so I was sent into a Pottermore identity crisis. When it was later announced that many of the sortings weren’t accurate and some people were placed into houses to keep numbers even for the House Cup, I was overjoyed. When they revamped and went live, I retook the sorting again and was sorted into…RAVENCLAW! I was so excited I yelped with joy and my husband thought I had been attacked! Glad we both got the houses we wanted!


    1. I know so many people that were unhappy with their house the first time around and then got the house they wanted! I’m quite pleased i stayed the same haha i’m not sure how i would have coped being a proud Gryffindor and then having my house taken away so suddenly! I’m glad you’ve found your true house! – Sarah

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  2. Aw, I love your St Bernard! What a cool Patronus! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your experience and house leanings – I’m glad you got to stay in the house you really wanted!

    This was such a cool idea, I’ve done my own version of this post – I hope that’s okay! (Please just let me know if you’d prefer I take it down!).

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Emma x


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