I Feel Like I Missed Out?

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I’m dyslexic. I don’t know how many people knew that about me that read this blog, but i’m not overly shy about the fact that i struggle with words and numbers (dyscalculia). In fact, when i was younger, i really struggled with reading anything above the reading age of six or seven. So this is why i feel like i missed out.

As i got older, i avoided books because i didn’t think i could read them. I didn’t think that it would be worth making the effort to try and read because i wouldn’t understand it. However when i was in my mid-teens, i picked up my first book since primary school and sat down to try and read it. I was slow, painfully so, and i got confused easily, but i powered through and ended up reading my first proper adult book.

However, once i got in to the world of books and blogging and reading a lot more, i realised that i missed a lot when i couldn’t read as a pre-teen. People were suddenly talking about the Harry Potter series and A Series Of Unfortunate Events, and i didn’t really have any idea what these books were about (i’d seen the movies, but lets face it, a lot is completely different) and i was a little disheartened that i hadn’t experienced these things as a child.

At the age of 21, i still find myself being a little disheartened when people talk about the books they read as a child and the magical stories. In the last few years i’ve tried to pick up a few popular children’s reads in order to find out what the fuss was about. What i found was that it’s just not the same. Reading these stories as an adult, whereas is enjoyable, isn’t as magical as when it’s read through a childs eyes. Quite frankly, i found some children’s reads dull.

When you’re a child, reading stories such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is one of the most wonderful experiences, it’s your first true sense of magic existing on a page. I didn’t get that thrill that a lot of children get.

I think this is partly why i enjoy YA novels so much. I get to be a part of stories that are aimed at younger audiences, whilst using my adult brain and knowledge to understand the world. I’m a little behind in my reading age still i think (this is a whole other conversation on whether YA is meant for adults or not).

Being dyslexic does mean that i struggle with reading. I cannot concentrate on stories for an extreme length of time unless it’s very engaging, and i struggle to understand complicated story-lines, a lot of character names or unusual worlds. This means that i cannot really read many high fantasy books, sci-fi books or anything of the sort. I’ve tried my best with these stories, and i keep pushing myself to understand them and read them. However, i often find myself skimming the pages and taking in very little of the stories.

Yes it makes me sad that i feel as though i’m missing out on some great stories, complicated genres and children’s works of art, but i’m grateful for what i can read. This year i want to try and push myself to read some more children’s stories so i feel a little more prepared when people discuss their favourite childhood novels. To be completely honest, the most disheartening fact is telling someone that my favourite childhood novel was something i read at the age of fifteen.

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6 thoughts on “I Feel Like I Missed Out?

  1. I always loved reading as a kid, but it’s so weird because I never read any of the ‘classic’ children’s stories (HP, Narnia, Unfortunate Events, etc) either! I don’t know why. I already read series none of my friends ever heard of, haha. There’s nothing wrong with having not read them as a kid, though! You love reading now, you’re reading what you enjoy, and that’s all that matters! 🙂


  2. have you considered looking for fantasy/si fi short story collections? im not sure of any off he top of my head but it sounded like you wanted to be ableto try them out but ultiatemyl the length is v off putting (even if i feel like that tbh)

    Anyway at least if u read them now and enjoy them u get to understand them better than u might’ve when younger


  3. Don’t worry about not having read the popular books as a child! I didn’t read Harry Potter until high school, so I was around the age of 15/16.

    I think what matters is that you are trying to read the books you may have missed out on. I hope you continue and don’t lose motivation!

    Do you listen to audio books while reading? That could help you follow along.


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