Reading Update and Blog Rejig

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It’s been a long time since i did a reading update on the blog. I regularly Tweet on our blog Twitter (@TLCCBlog) updates of what i’m reading and when i’ve finished a book, however i rarely put anything on the blog about the books that i’m currently reading. So i’m just checking in with you all and doing a bit of housekeeping!

When i was younger i was the kind of person that could only read one book at once. I’d always have just one book on the go and i wouldn’t stop reading that book until it was finished. As i’ve gotten older and a little more in to the reading swing of things, i’ve anthropologyfound it quite easy to have more than one book on the go at once. I keep all the books that i’m reading beside my bed so i can look at them every day and know how much i have left to go.

My current reads are:

  • Rebel Of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
  • The Night Book by Richard Madeley
  • The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher
  • Twelve Doctors of Christmas by numerous authors
  • Anthropology by Dan Rhodes

and my most recent novel is Nevernight by Jay Kristoff.

the-christmasaursI don’t know when i became that person who has a million books on the go at once but i am that person now. I’m easily half way through each of these books, and admittedly i have been reading some of them for a great length of time (we don’t need to talk about how long it’s taking me to get through Rebel Of The Sands) but i am getting through them.

My latest pick, Nevernight came from my TBR jar. I’ve been wanting to pick up this wonderful high fantasy novel for quite some time. I started yesterday and am about thirty pages in, and so far loving it. I really struggle with high fantasy as my brain can’t seem to process all the new words, phrases, people and everything else that comes along with high fantasy. However i am enjoying this and cannot wait to see how it unfolds.

I also just want to mention that the blog will be having a bit of a rejig in the next few days/weeks. I’m trying to find a style that i’m happy with and something that looks a little tidier than it is now, so things will be changing up a little. This will be in the shape of a new header, different sizes of graphics and generally things that might make this whole blog a little better! I talked about changing the content up a little a few weeks ago, if you missed the post you can find it HERE. I’m actually starting to love being a content creator again. I enjoy sitting down to write and the things i can talk about now. Let’s hope this continues!

If you have any ideas about changing the blog, or even recommendations what to read, leave me a tweet or a comment on this post!

Happy reading!

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