One Thing I Love About Books

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I was sat thinking about books, as I usually am (and I have the feeling anyone reading this does it too) and a feeling hit me, all at once about why I love reading so much, and why I love books so much. Here’s my thing…

When you read a book, it’s an extremely personal experience, it’s something that only you are reading at that moment. What makes it even better is that you are interpreting that in a personal way. Everyone is interpreting books in their own way; and that’s okay! It’s not something that has set rules and regulations. Authors write so we can put our own stamp on stories. And I absolutely love that.

But I was thinking as I lay in bed reading, about my father in his study next door, and that he knows I’m reading, but he’ll never know exactly what I’m reading. We see people every day in public with books in their hands, ones we’ve never heard of or seen before. And when you haven’t heard of them, you can’t begin to guess what that book is about, because the topic of a book can be anything and everything. You have no clue what that stranger could be reading about, you don’t know the situation of the characters, storyline, if the book is happy or sad… and again it’s a personal experience.

I guess I’m trying to get at the point that books are a very universal thing now-a-days. Most people have access to books, but every reading experience is different and tailored to the person.

Books are great.

Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “One Thing I Love About Books

  1. I love this post! It’s so so true. Every single book out there has a different story and the way each of us see that story is always so different. I also love that about reading and I am so happy I found this post. There is a book out there for everyone it’s just up to the person to go out there and find it. 😊


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