Top 5 2017 Goals

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It’s the first Top 5 Wednesday of the month! This weeks topic is the goals that we want to achieve in 2017. These can be blog or channel goals, reading goals or even personal goals. The possibilities are endless on this post! I was planning to make a ‘bookish resolutions’ post at some point, but maybe that information is better off in here. I have few goals i want to achieve this year with the blog and reading, so here they are.

Read 52 Books
My goal for 2016 was to read 52 books in the year, one a week. I really wanted to achieve this but slipped with reading during summer and missed my goal only by a few. 52 books doesn’t seem like many for a lot of people, but as a slow reader i would find it incredibly difficult to do any more than that. So this years goal once again is to attempt to read 52 books in 2017. Lets hope i can do it this time!

Keep Up With Blogging
One of the main things i’ve wanted to do since starting this blog is keep up with posts. I adore writing for this blog, and yes occasionally i have slipped a little on the whole uploading on time and the right things. I really want to make that right in the new year. I want to be more organised in getting things up for a certain time and i want my posts to be filled with much more important information about upcoming releases etc. I want to be the kind of bloggers i read.

Review more
I will fully admit that this blog at the moment is lacking in reviews. I haven’t been reading as much, meaning that i haven’t been reviewing too much either. I really want to change that. I enjoy writing reviews, and i also want to get better at critically discussing a book in a short amount of words. I will definitely be practicing my reviewing a little more in 2017 and have more of them uploaded on to the blog!

Write more
This is sort of a personal goal for me. I really want to get back in to writing and find my feet again with it. I have constantly been writing for about six years now. From fanfictions, to college work to uni work, i have always been writing something and usually something creative. Since i finished uni i have lost my will to write. Admittedly i’ve had little time or little inspiration to do so, but i want to get back in to it. I also want to start writing more on the blog about writing. Tips, help for authors, discussions about more technical parts of stories instead of just discussing the YA tropes. I really want to get back in to writing!

Read more books from my long standing TBR shelf
Recently i created a TBR jar for myself in the hope that i read more of the books that have been sat on my shelves for a long time. I’ve started to notice that i’m losing a lot of interest in books that i’ve previously spent a lot of money on, just because i’ve left it too long and missed the hype. Not anymore. 2017 is the year of taking down my TBR pile and starting to read all i can on it. This is also linked with my goal of the year to minimise my TBR pile and have my books shelves down to my actual shelves by the end of the year (not piles of books beside my bed). I want my shelves to be an accurate representation of me as a reader, not novels that i’ve just found ‘okay’ or huge piles of books i’ve not read yet.

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