Let’s Talk About Being a Book Blogger

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I have been a blogger for coming up to two years now and i don’t want to sound massively cliched, but what a wild ride it’s been. I started this blog as somewhere i could discuss my thoughts on my favourite books, somewhere i could share my opinions with my close friends and just a way to vent about characters, stories or plots i loved or hated. It was a way to communicate my thoughts without anyone really listening.

However, i feel like a blog can go either two ways. You do really well, gain a lot of followers, ‘likes’ and whatever else. Or no-one hears your voice and you feel like you’re doing all of this work for absolutely nothing. I think we’re somewhere in between here.

I feel like the blog is a dying art. Everyone loves to write a blog to try and get their opinions heard, however no-one really keeps up with other peoples blog (don’t lie, i know you didn’t read your best friends Blogmas for three weeks and did a massive catch up). Sometimes i put so much time and effort in to my little part of the internet, and it seems very pointless. Don’t get me wrong, we have incredible followers who do read our work. But if you spend an hour writing a piece, editing through it and putting it together and overall it gets five views, it’s very disheartening.

On The Little Contemporary Corner, we’re somewhere in between. We have some posts that have huge amounts views, ones that i’m more than proud of. However, when your review of a book that you had to read for a review only gets a couple, you think about how much time you’ve wasted just on that little post.

You might have noticed posts have slowed down or changed a little. I’m feeling very uninspired to write at the moment. I need some fresh ideas and some new ways to create content. Being a book blogger, it means you’re generally stuck to your idea of book writing. It’s a struggle sometimes when you want to talk about something else, however it doesn’t fit the ‘theme’ of what you’re going for.

I want to start incorporating some new things in to this blog, making it exciting and giving it a little bit of life back. Some of my favourite posts are the ones that i’ve just sat down to write, in a really chatty manner, or posts about YALC (not entirely book related, i talked about pizza in that one). My favourite post is our LGBTQ+ post we wrote after the Florida attacks, because it wasn’t solely about the books we included, it was about the problems that are happening right now, current events and offered a lot more than just telling you about books that were nice to read.

I want to find new ways to talk about books and stories, to talk about characters and specific plots i enjoyed. I want this to be a much more chatty place, not just a list of books that i think people should buy or shouldn’t buy. I want the same as everyone else does and i want my opinions to be heard. At the moment this is not an opinions blog.

So I’m going to change what i’m writing about. I’m going to discuss more than just book covers and the trivial things that you’re sick of seeing over and over again. This is a book blog first and foremost, because that’s what i enjoy, but don’t be disheartened if i include personal aspects of my life in these posts. I want to talk about the quotes that give me inspiration and i want to talk about the books that make me a little less anxious. This blog is going to have a little personal revamp.

I adore being a blogger, but the posts i’ve been churning out have not been to the best of my ability, ridiculously samey and just a little sad to be honest. This can be better, and it will be. I don’t want to be limited to a schedule on my own blog, it’s restricting not necessary.

Bear with me while i change things up a little round here. We’ll still have our familiar faces of Sophie, Shannan, Charlotte and Gemma, but it might give them a little more opportunity to branch further afield with their writing too.

Happy Reading!

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Being a Book Blogger

  1. Honestly I can say I look forward to you adding new, more personal aspects, into your posts. I think as book bloggers we do end up doing things that feel samey so I wish you all the best in mixing things up a little! I know it is something I should try to do!
    Happy New Year!


  2. I know exactly how you feel. I started writing my blog because I wanted to discuss books I read. So sometimes is very upsetting when you receive only likes but no one leaves a reply. I really don’t have friends in “real life” to talk about books and I thought I found a perfect place here. But it just doesn’t seem so.
    Sometimes I have doubts about my blog – I blame myself because English is not my first language and I know that my posts are not perfect, probably I make a lot of mistakes and I do have troubles expresing my thoughts. But I write anyway because every single comment makes my day 🙂


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