Top 5 Fictional Items You’d Give As Gifts

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Christmas is only a few days away! Is everyone ready? Bought all your presents and eaten a mince pie? Good! This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is the 5 fictional items that you would give as gifts. These gifts can be anything from TV, book, or movie, the limits are endless when it just says ‘fictional items’. I sadly spend a lot of my time thinking about fictional items, things that i’d want, things that are useful or just something that’s really cool that you can show off you own (yes, i’m one of those people). So here are my top 5 fictional items that i’d give as gifts!

Image result for psychic paper doctor whoPsychic Paper from Doctor Who
One of the most useful fictional items i think i’ve ever come across is psychic paper from the Doctor Who series. The idea of this paper is that whoever sees it, only sees what you want them to see. This blank piece of paper can be an official document, driving licence, loyalty card or whatever else you can imagine! It can get you out of some pretty sticky situations i assume. You could be anybody you want.


Cordial2Queen Lucy’s Cordial from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
This was suggested to me by one of my friends while talking about fictional items, and i cannot believe how much of a great present this would be! For someone who was quite clumsy, or always ‘in the wars’, i imagine it would be a great gift! Sadly there is only one of these in the world, so maybe it would be really expensive.

Image result for newts suitcase fantastic beastsNewt’s Suitcase from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them by J.K. Rowling
This would be the perfect gift for people that like to travel. You don’t need to pack light, you don’t need to worry about leaving home, because you can take your home with you in your suitcase.  Newt’s suitcase would quite literally be one of the best gifts i think, J.K. Rowling outdid herself again with this fictional item.


Image result for invisibility cloakInvisibility Clock from Harry Potter by Harry Potter
This has to be one of the most popular items i imagine, because it’s Harry Potter and because it’s clearly a great idea for a gift. Everyone would like a way to be invisible, an excuse to sneak up on people and i know a lot of people that would use it for gossip. This has to be one of the best items to give as a gift.


Image result for cavorite sphereCavorite (Sphere) from The First Men in The Moon by H.G. Wells
Cavorite is a substance that can be painted on to items to make their gravitational pull disappear. This is why it was used to create the Cavorite Sphere, a somewhat rocket that had the ability to take men to the moon, and it is controlled by opening and shutting the blinds with the Cavorite painted on. Pretty cool right? Cavorite would definitely be one of those great gifts you end up getting from gadget shops.


What are the fictional items that you would give to someone? Think about it this Christmas while surrounded by all the magic!

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