Top 5 Series’ That Got Worse Each Season/Book

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This week is a little different as it is open to TV as well as books and I thought I would take up that opportunity and make this post a mixture between the two (I say, adding only one TV show). We have all experienced the feeling of picking up a book or starting a show and it’s brilliant and when you find out it’s a series, even better. Until you start to read or watch the next one and it all begins to snowball downhill… Here’s five of my choices!

seriesA Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
Now, I far from hate these books and I do not think it’s a bad series however the earlier books are my favourites. I haven’t read them in a while however I remember reading them when I was younger and the later ones just got really dark for me! I know the premise is pretty bleak but I just found some of the later books to be too full of dread and misery for my taste whereas the earlier ones were a bit easier!



The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyertwilight
Another series I haven’t read for years but I did jump onto the Twilight bandwagon as a young teenager! I really just honestly hated Breaking Dawn. They all slightly went downhill in my opinion, but I really cannot stand the final book! I think the story became too big and nothing really happened with it and I was left more and more confused after each book. The final one really did not have a good ending to the series and I stand by the fact that something, just something needed to happen at the end! It was too much of a happily ever after with no drama for me.


divergent.jpgThe Divergent Series by Veronica Roth
I loved the Divergent series when I first read it and although I’m not a huge fan anymore, I still appreciate the premise of it and think the world of the story is interesting! However, the first book will always be the one that sticks out to me. I remember the story completely whereas with the other two I get muddled up and I’m unsure what happens. The characters in Divergent are well thought out but I feel like their individual stories (except for Tris’) weaken as the books go on.


Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman noughts_and_crosses_by_malorie_blackman1
I feel bad even including this because NO books in the series are bad in any way! it just so happens that my favourite is the first and then they follow in that order. I do prefer the overall story of the first book and I’m not completely sure why. i just enjoy all the characters and their dynamics and how you see relationships of all kinds shift from seemingly simplistic to ridiculously complicated. The other books also all have brilliant characterisation and storylines but the first will always have a soft spot in my heart and I don’t think it can be beaten.


ahsAmerican Horror Story created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk
This is a slight cheat answer potentially as I really enjoyed the newest season (the sixth) however my favourite seasons are the earlier ones. I remember watching the first two and falling in love with the stories, the characters and the actors. As the seasons went on, I found the stories to be less interesting and they were messy compared to the earlier ones. I think the show is great at creating interesting characters but the storylines did not compliment their complexity in the later seasons.


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