Lessons We Could Learn From Evie Snow

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It’s the first Monday of the month (Christmas month! Ahh) so that means that it’s time to continue our series of “Lessons To Be Learned From…”. This weeks addition to the collection is Evie Snow from Carrie Hope Fletcher’s On The Other Side.

Evie is the main character in Carrie Hope Fletcher’s first novel. She is a strong willed lady living in a family that is very controlling. All Evie wishes to do with her life is live by her own accord and fall in love with who she wishes. However when she meets the love of her life on her year of freedom from her family, she’s destined to never have her dream become reality. Her parents have already found her a suitable match, in the form of her childhood best friend.

There are many lessons that we can learn from Evie as a character, and those around her. I adore this novel for the main reason of the characters. They’re diverse, well thought out people, and it comes across in the story. Here are my 5 lessons I’ve learned from Evie:

  1. Don’t let anyone dictate your life. I feel like this is a really obvious lesson, however Evie is a prime example of the misery you face when people close to you dictate your every move.
  2. Go with your heart and not your head. This is a lesson that I always have struggled with personally, however Evie made it clear that when she was using her head, she wasn’t as happy as could be. Maybe this is true for everyone.
  3. Protect your family, as they are with you for life. There is a continuous story going through this novel of Evie’s little brother coming out as gay to their family. This didn’t go as well as you would expect. So when Evie chooses to protect her brother over everyone else, it made me quite grateful for the people I have around me, and would they do the same for me?
  4. Never be anything less than yourself! Evie is a very unique person, with unique interests, style and all round being! I absolutely admire that about her.
  5. Never settle for anything – I feel like this is a popular lesson too. In every day life, people settle for second best all the time, however it’s not the way to deal with situations. If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it. Do not settle!

Those are my 5 lessons that I have learnt from Evie, and I think many other people could learn. She’s a wonderful character to explore a little more indepth. You can read her full story in On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher!

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