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This weeks top 5 Wednesday is about my favourite publishers. This is quite a strange thing for a top 5 Wednesday i think, as we usually think about the books that we’ve read and what did or didn’t like about them. This week i’ll be thinking about the publishing houses and what great books i think they produce. If you browse through your shelves often, you’ll notice that many of your favourite books are all from the same publishers. They generally have a set ‘type’ of novel they are looking for, and someone who often reads the same genre will be used to buying from the same publisher knowingly. As a bit of a creative writing nerd (i studied it at university), publishing houses intrigue me. Here are my favourite publishing houses.

Electric Monkey
David Levithan is published by Electric Monkey, and i feel that’s all i need to say! I adore David Levithan and will pick up anything he writes, so i obviously have a lot of Electric Monkey sat on my shelves. Also Andrew Smith novels are published under Electric Monkey, along with a whole heap of well loved novels. Electric Monkey tend to publish those YA novels that aren’t ‘classic’ or have something a little different about them. I love Electric Monkey.

Another publisher that do YA very well is Bloomsbury. Your favourites from Sarah J. Maas, Sarah Crossan and John Green are published through Bloomsbury. I own a lot of Bloomsbury novels myself, and absolutely love most of the novels that they release. Sarah Crossan is a favourite of mine that i’m sure you’re aware of if you’ve read anything from this blog before, and there are plenty more novels that Bloomsbury have released that i adore.

Penguin are one of the largest publishing houses in the UK, which means that near enough all of us will have a Penguin published novel on our shelves in one form or another. There are so many imprints of Penguin that their published genres are extremely vast. I love their collections of women’s fiction and the YA they choose to publish. More so recently, i enjoy the modern classics they are releasing slowly. Penguin are just an all round great publisher.

Penguin Random House
An imprint of Penguin is Penguin Random House. This is the imprint that i buy most of my books from as they usually publish contemporary YA novels that are by popular authors. James Dashner, David Arnold and Ransom Riggs are all published under Random House and i generally enjoy most of the novels that they publish. I have an extraordinary amount of Random House novels on my shelf, so it was difficult not to put this one in.

Simon & Schuster
Jenny Han, Jenn Bennett and Jennifer E. Smith are all published under Simon & Schuster and i can imagine we all have at least one of these ladies on our shelves. I love the YA novels they publish, they’re always lighthearted and fun. I will always trust a Simon & Schuster novel!

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