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Following up my post the other day about having some serious book thoughts when browsing Waterstones, i decided to do another unhaul. I was thinking a few days ago about the amount of books that are on my shelves and the likeliness of me getting around to all of them. The chances are slim i’m telling you. So i really wanted to get the amount of books i own down, in hope it inspires me a little more to read the ones i have and the ones i’m most excited about.

If you have been following my blog for a little while now, you’ll also know that i unhauled a lot of books in the last few months, wanting to minimize my TBR and get ready for my ultimate goal of 2017. I’ll talk more about this goal when the end of the year arises, however i really would like to bring my TBR pile down by the end of 2017. This means that i want to make my book shelves something that really does just represent me as a reader.

Once again, this unhaul consists of books that:

  1. I’ve read and will not read again.
  2. I’ve read and did not enjoy at all.
  3. I’ve not read and have no intention of reading anymore.

Admittedly, a lot of the books in this unhaul are ones that i’ve never touched. They’re books i’ve bought on a whim, thinking i’ll read them and now it’s come down to chose, they sadly haven’t made the cut. I’ve lost interest in a lot of these books. Either it’s a series i don’t want to start or it now seems to long and dull. They’re going!

Some of my friends will be taking these copies, or they will be making their way to the nearest charity shop. Hopefully someone else will love these more than i did!


Let me know if you think any of these books are worth keeping or reading in the future. I’d love to know other peoples opinions on them as their synopsis just don’t intrigue me anymore.

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