Top 5 Characters You Used To Love, But No Longer Do

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The problem of a reader is constantly falling in and out of love with characters. When you read, you automatically get wrapped up in these characters lives, and therefore end up loving the people you are reading about. That is unless you take an instant disliking to a character, which also happens often. Today’s post is about all the characters that you once loved very much, and now you’ve had second thoughts. When you’ve had some time to think about that character, you can often fall out of love with them. I’ve done that plenty of times, so here are my top 5.

Lara-Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
When i read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before i really did like Lara-Jean. I felt sorry for her almost when she was going through everything that happens in the story. However once i’d looked back and thought about what she was really like, i quickly fell out of love with her. She’s quite annoying in some ways and frustrating in parts of the story. I’ve completely fallen out of love with her i think.


Finnick from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Yes, there it is, i said it. Now i don’t dislike Finnick, i just feel incredibly neutral towards him these days. It might be because it’s been a long time since i’ve read The Hunger Games, and i might have grown out of him as a character a little, but i really do feel quite neutral about him now. He’s a wonderful character and will always hold a special place in my heart. When the bad thing happens that no-one talks about i will still feel quite emotional. However, i just don’t love him like i used to do. I think there are better characters in these wonderful books.


Rhiannon from Everday &a Another Day by David Levithan
It takes a lot for me to really hate a David Levithan character, and when I first read Everyday, I absolutely loved Rhiannon, A’s love interest. However after the release of Another Day, the exact same story just with the females point of view, I could not connect with her in the slightest. I found her to be annoying, whiny and everything I didn’t think that A would look for in a companion. I very much no longer like Rhiannon.


Margo from Paper Towns by John Green
Without a doubt I do not hate Margo like a lot of other people do, I still don’t mind her character. When I first read Paper Towns about 3 years ago, I fell in love with every single character in that book. I still don’t completely understand why so many people absolutely despise Margo, however I now have noticed levels of glorification surrounding her that does not appeal to me.


Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
I never really did connect with Luna like everyone else seemed to. Yes she’s a fine character, and she’s entertaining. However i don’t love her, especially not as i used to. I used to quite like her character and enjoy her interactions with the other characters. The more i read the books and watch the movies, i just find her a little out of place and unnecessary. Sadly i’m no longer a big Luna fan.

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