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I’m sure that many bookworms have had the problem of looking at your bookshelves and being a little overwhelmed with the amount of books you have left to read. I certainly do get very overwhelmed and cannot look at my shelves for too long without getting a bit lightheaded. There are many books that i feel like i need to read RIGHT NOW, but then my mind wanders and i think about something much bigger.

I’m also sure that very bookworm has had this thought: I’m never going to be able to read every single book out there. And that’s scary. As i reader i want to immerse myself in everything i can. In all of the books i can get my hands on and especially all the books in my chosen genre.

I’ve thought of this before, but i was on a date in a bookshop today, and we were browsing the YA section and i was struck with the amount of books in that section i’ve never even seen before or thought to pick up. I then had the all consuming thought about the fact i will never be able to read each and every one of the books in that store. I mean i could do, but i’d probably have to read about 100 books a day for the rest of my life (and i’m struggling with 100 a year).

Most of all, this made me think about narrowing down my choices, and making sure that i’m reading the books that i really really want to read. I don’t want to waste my time on the books that i just think i might like, or the ones with 500, 3* ratings on Amazon. I’m going to start being a little more choosy, and that might mean another little unhaul of my bookshelves.

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3 thoughts on “Overwhelming Bookish Thoughts

  1. It’s funny you write this as I had a really strict cull of my bookshelf and TBR last week because I had come to the same realisation, life is too short for mediocre and if the book really isn’t shouting to me then do I want to waste my time when there are so many other books which are?


  2. For ages I was a little obsessed with signing up for blog tours. I did loads in the space of a couple of months, and I ended up reading books I didn’t particularly want to read just because I needed to review them for a blog tour. I’ve stopped now and I only do a couple a month at the most, and usually try to get content slots (interviews, excerpts, etc) instead of reviews. It’s great actually getting to read some books I own! Oh, the novelty!!


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