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When my bookish friends come to stay, i always try and take them on some kind of bookish adventure. Whether that be a bookshop, a cute place to eat cake and drink tea or something else book related, it’s always about the books! My best friend, Shannan, over at Twenty Something And Day Dreaming came to stay with me a little while ago, so i obviously had to find something for us to do that was book based!

Our bookish adventures this time took us to a little tucked away book cafe in Manchester. If you’re from Manchester or can get to the city easily, this place is perfect! Chapter One is an independent bookshop, along with cafe that serves simple sandwiches and salads, along with tea, cake and coffee. Along with being an absolutely beautiful cafe to sit and read in, it’s quite cheap! There’s nothing better than some cheap (but delicious) cake and tea while sitting and reading a book. If that sounds like your kind of entertainment, you literally cannot miss out on this.

After you’ve eaten a slice of their chocolate orange cake, or maybe even had some breakfast pancakes, there are some great books to choose from to sit and read. Most books in the shop are brand new, and you can choose from popular YA novels such as The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo or An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. Or you have the option of non-fiction, such as Girl Up by Laura Bates.

There is also a few shelves of used books for you to choose from. There are some great steals in this section and it’s where i found two of my most anticipated books. There is a great mix of adult fiction, YA, non-fiction and more on these shelves. Perfect for buying ahead of your tea break.

I adore the atmosphere of this little hidden cafe, it’s a wonderful place. So relaxed and chilled out along with having a warming and welcoming atmosphere. It’s very different to sitting in a Waterstones cafe. You can freely walk around the books around you and pick out things to buy later. Now i’ve experienced this place to it’s full extent, i can image that i’ll be spending much more time there!

They also have a Twitter page if you’d like to check them out @Chapter1UK.

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Photo’s credit to Shannan

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