October Wrap-Up

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I feel like all i say on these posts anymore is ‘I’ve not had a very good reading month’ but it’s sadly very true. Along with being ill (yes again) and having a social life (this doesn’t happen often), i’ve had little time to get stuck in to a book with work mixed in too. So  i’m a little disappointed with what i’ve achieved this October. Hopefully on the run up to Christmas i’ll be more inclined to get stuck in to all of those books i really wanted to read this year but haven’t gotten around to. Ah well! Here’s what i read this month.

The first book that i picked up actually towards the end of last month was Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I have a pile of her novels that are unread, so i felt the need to pick another one of them up. My full review on this novel will be up very soon on the blog! I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this story, but i absolutely loved it. It follows Lincon, a young man who works for an editing company, employed to check everyone’s on task by reading their emails. He gets a little too involved within an exchange between two workers, and ends up falling for one of the ladies. It’s kind of a modern day romance told at the start of the millennium and that was a very nice twist to the story. I really enjoyed it.

I then picked up Skin Deep by Lauren Jarratt that i did not end up finishing. If you’d like to know why, i have a whole post on it HERE.

The next book that i picked up was taken from the TBR jar that i recently set up. It was The Art Of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson. This has been on my list to read for a very long time, i’ll have a full review up of it soon so keep your eyes out for that! I really did enjoy this as a light read, it’s worth a re-read, but i didn’t absolutely love the story of it. I understand that being transgender is something that really needs to be discussed, however i’m not sure this was the right kind of story to do that.

I also started Carrie by Stephen King, ready for our Halloween read-along this year! I’m not yet finished, but the end date for the read-along is the 6th of November, so there is plenty of time yet!

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