Halloween Read-Along 2016

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Our Halloween Read-Along has started! This year we have chosen to read Carrie by Stephen King for our little read-along, which is basically another excuse for me and Sophie to get some books read that we’ve been meaning to read for a long time! The read-along this year is running from the 26th of October to the 6th of November, which is plenty of time to get such a short book read.

Carrie was chosen this year because it’s been on mine and Sophie’s TBR piles for a long time now, and Halloween seemed like the perfect time to pick this up. I’ve recently read The Mist  by Stephen King, and wasn’t entirely convinced by it (that’s a nice way of saying it took me a while to get through because i didn’t love it) so i’m a little skeptical going in to Carrie.

I’m currently 50 pages in to it and i’m really enjoying it so far though. I have seen the movie (old and  new) numerous times and that seems to have helped a lot with the placing of characters and the personalities that i’m learning about so far. I recognize the scenes and can place the images, which is something that i couldn’t do with The Mist (i watched the movie after reading it!)

I’m not too far in to the story that i can give you a good idea of what it’s actually like yet. One thing that is overwhelming me is the fact there are a lot of names being thrown around and i’m constantly questioning who is who. If i remember correctly then i had that problem with The Mist also. There’s probably something to Stephen King’s style i’m intrigued by but also i struggle with a little bit.

Without a doubt i’ll be powering on! We’ll keep you updated on the Twitter (@TLCCBlog) of where we’re up to, so go follow us!

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