Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets Illustrated Edition

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The illustrated edition of Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets has recently been released. It was announced last year that a new illustrated edition of the novels will be released over the next seven years, one a year. 2015 saw the release of The Philosophers Stone and 2016 we have had The Chamber Of Secrets. These novels are the perfect addition to any Harry Potter lovers book shelf. I received mine in the post yesterday so here’s a little sneak peek of what’s inside.

I absolutely adore Illustrated books. I think the big kid in my heart wants pictures when she reads. I like the idea of having something to look at and usually feel more engaged with the book if i have illustrations. The illustrations are all made by Jim Kay, a fantastic and skilled artist who is perfect for these novels. The story itself is the original tale from J.K. Rowling, so if you’re worried about having the story compromised, it certainly has not been. These editions of the stories are absolutely perfect for children or adults. Imagine when we were younger and these wonderful editions were released? Roald Dahl might have struggled a little but more!

One thing i love about these books is the fact they have not chosen the most iconic scenes for the front covers. The drawing seems perfect for a novel cover and it clearly one of the more happier scenes from the novel. I adore it.

If you don’t want a look in to the novel, click off this page now. I’ve take a few shots of the inside for you to look at, just in case you are somehow still in two minds about buying this incredible book.

I don’t  want to show you too much and spoil the surprise of the artwork. I cannot get over how much i love it. The drawings seem like they would have taken so much time as they are so well done. These editions make me very happy indeed!

My post about the illustrated edition of Philosophers Stone is HERE if you’d like a look at last years release.

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