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I, very wonderfully, had the opportunity to attend the first book signing of The Christmasaurus yesterday in Manchester. It was a fun filled Christmas wonderland packed in to a corner of Waterstones (and in October!) and a great event to kick start Tom’s promotion for his first novel.

The Christmasaurus is the first full length, children’s novel that Tom has written, and has already topped sales charts. The story is of William Trundle, a young boy who’s father is obsessed with crumpets and Christmas. William meets the Christmasaurus one Christmas Eve and they have a magical adventure. This book is filled with family, friends, love, Santa, signing elves and magic.

I absolutely love Christmas (and Tom Fletcher, if you haven’t guessed that from this post) and i sat down in Waterstones on the morning of the 6th of October and started reading. So far i am 70 pages in to this fantastic novel and i cannot get enough. It’s as Tom said himself. Full of fun, magic and a lot of singing elves!The targeted age for this novel is 7-9 years, however it can easily be enjoyed by any age. There’s a few jokes that are more so aimed at an adult audience, (a well timed Starbucks joke made me laugh in public) which means you can enjoy it guilt free without reading to a child!

The writing so far is fantastic, i was very hopeful of Tom’s writing and i have not been disappointed in the slightest. It’s a wonderful story, told with a lot of passion.

The book event itself was as any book event goes. Standing in long queues, cramped together for a while. However the Christmas atmosphere made it go quickly, and it was one of the more successful book events that i’ve attended. Tom was an absolute delight (as always) and seemed so proud of his first novel, seeing fan’s with it in their hands. He has every right to be please with this book! The signing was complete with a Christmasaurus made completely from Crumpets. That really did make my day.

The Christmasaurus was released yesterday on the 6th of October, so make sure that you pick yourself up a copy ready for Christmas!

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