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Book buying can be an expensive habit. As readers we are almost always looking out for a bargain. The thought came to me while I was watching YouTube videos that in the UK it is actually very difficult to get hold of cheap, popular books. American’s seem to have this so easy with all their ‘half price book stores’ and such. If you’re looking for a bargain or some place you might get that super cheap copy of that new released book, this list might just have the answer for you.

I’m assuming buying a book from a supermarket in the UK is the same as buying one from a Target in the US. There can be some pretty good deals in the major supermarkets around the UK, most popular books are released at less than £4 (if you don’t mind the awful movie covers.) Next time you’re shopping, pause by the book section and see if they have the one you’ve been looking for.

The Works
The Works is underrated as a bookstore I think. Everyone is put off by their cheap 3 for £5 deal that has no books you’ve ever heard of in it. However often they have popular or new released books at a much cheaper price. I grabbed myself a hard copy of The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy for less than £2 once! It’s definitely worth having a look around. More so recently, The Works have started to introduce popular YA titles in to their bargains. These include Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and How Not To Disappear by Claire Furniss.

This may sound ridiculous, I thought so too until I ventured in to Poundland one day for some cereal and noticed they’ve acquired a large book section. You might think they would stock the books literally no-one wants, however I’ve managed to pick up some incredible titles from Poundland. The Night Film by Marisha Pessl and Tempest by Julie Cross are just two books that I’ve picked up while browsing for rice. They don’t always have great stock in, but check it out next time you’re near one, you might just find something you want.

Charity Shops
Not everyone wants second hand books, I completely understand that, and being a little bit of a book snob I’ll only buy a book from a charity shop that is in mint condition. But sometimes you do get lucky and find a really great copy of a book that you’ve been looking for. They’re also the cheapest places to buy books as most charity shops sell them off for less than £2. I’ve started to notice more and more popular books come in to charity shops recently, you’ll definitely find something you want to read.

Independent shops
There are not many independent bookshops in the UK and they’re usually difficult to get to. But if you find one that has great stock, make the most out of it. There are a few about an hour away from my house and it is always worth the drive out to see if they have anything new in stock, I always come away with a tonne of books spending as little money as possible. These are better opinions if you really crave a new copy of a book at a cheap price. Have a look online to see what shops are around you!

Those are the best places I can give you for buying really cheap books. There are a few more that are obvious, Amazon second hand, sometimes just Amazon, but we all know that we can get cheap books there. These are the actual shops where you want to go and pick up your own book. Happy shopping!

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