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An unhaul is exactly what it says, it’s the opposite of a book haul. I spend a lot of the posts on this blog hauling books what i’ve bought during the month or for a recent shopping trip, and that means that my TBR pile builds up significantly every month. Today it was time for a book unhaul! I find seeing what people unhaul just as exciting as watching hauls, so i figured i would share what i’m getting rid of.

Recently i’ve been looking around my bookshelves and am feeling a little overwhelmed with my TBR pile. Not just my TBR pile, but with the amount of books on my shelves that i still have and i dislike or ones that i’ve bought and now have no intention of reading. When i first started out as a reader i would buy cheap books from charity shops (spending 50p or £1 on them each) to see if i’d like it, what kind of books i’d get in to and what i enjoyed. This meant that i’ve ended up with a lot of books that i really don’t care about anymore.

I’ve had a little unhaul of books that either:

  1. I’ve read and will not read again.
  2. I’ve read and did not enjoy at all.
  3. I’ve not read and have no intention of reading anymore.
  4. I have a hardback copy or beaten copy of the book that i’d like a clean, new one of.

Here are the books that have been put in a bag to go to the charity shop, or my friends to take home with them.


My goal for the end of 2017 is to have a bookshelf that has a much smaller TBR pile, and also reflects me more as a reader. Currently it’s filled with a lot of books that i don’t plan on reading for a long time and books that i don’t know if i’ll enjoy. I’ll talk more about that in the new year.

Let me know if you enjoyed any of these books and you think there are any worth keeping or reading in the future!

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