Under-Read and Over-Represented

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When i was looking over my shelves i realised that i have a lot of books by a lot of authors, but magically haven’t read too much buy them. I think a lot of people get in to the habit of buying books by popular authors and forgetting they have five other copies of their work, un-read on their shelves. I am definitely one of those people. It’s easy to get in to a habit of buying a lot of books by one author when you’ve heard they’re really good, you check a few months later and you have seven books by someone and haven’t read one. Here’s my under-read and over-represented list.

Lauren Oliver
I’ve only recently started buying Lauren Oliver novels, mainly because i hadn’t realised she’s written so many! All of a sudden i looked on my shelf and i have around seven novels by her and haven’t read a single one! I really do hope that i like her writing and style (i’m sure i will, i’ve heard great things) or i would have wasted a lot of money.


Jill Mansell
A few years back i read An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Jill Mansell and absolutely loved it, this seems to have grown in to a complete love affair with he every single time i see one of her books cheap. I’ve still only read two of her novels and at one point ended up with twelve, help!


Sarah J. Maas
I feel like Sarah J. Maas is so well known as being a very talented author that you trust her books will be good. That’s why i somehow have ended up with six of her novels without reading a single one of them yet. I don’t know how this happened but i must have been feeling very happy during some Sarah J. Maas sale or something.


Patrick Ness
Whereas i am getting better with getting through my Patrick Ness books, there was a time when i seemed to buy a lot of his work without reading any of it. Two books down, four more to go that are piling up on my shelf. He’s another author that i completely trust his stories, and now i’ve read a few of them, i know i’m completely in love with his writing style.


Nick Hornby
Before i really knew what i was interested in reading, i turned to Nick Hornby books as i knew he was quite a famous author. I started with About A Boy and worked my way through his novels until i had quite a hefty amount. Sadly most of these have ended back at charity shops as i read two and decided he wasn’t for me.


Looking back over this list, i’ve kind of accepted that i might have a little book buying problem. But most of these authors i trust that i will love their novels and their writing style. Some are incredibly popular and well known. I know eventually i will get around to reading all of the books on my shelf, but for now, i might just stop myself buying anymore Lauren Oliver or Sarah J. Maas books.

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