Top 5 Characters You Wouldn’t Want To Trade Places With

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This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is all the characters that you wouldn’t want to trade places with. I feel like most of these posts on this blog start with ‘i found this weeks really difficult’ but i DID find this weeks really difficult! It hard to think of five whole characters that you wouldn’t want to trade places with, because by nature, a lot of characters develop or go experience situations where you then think you would want to be in their situation. Even Draco has had some great moments in life (minus the evil and being punched). However, i put together some characters that i wouldn’t like to trade places with, here they are!

harry_potter_and_the_philosophers_stone_book_coverHarry Potter from The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
Okay so he has fame, and fortune most likely, but i think it would be the worst thing to trade places with Harry. There are so many positive aspects to his life, such as his friends, people he made to be family, adventure, school, he’s a wizard is a huge one. However i don’t think any of that outweighs the fights and trying to be killed.


9780751563146Vincent Winters from On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher
Although i wouldn’t want to trade places with Evie Snow any time soon, I think more so i’d want to avoid being in Vincent’s shoes. He seems to be the innocent part in this story. He fell in love with a girl he couldn’t have and then was left when she could no longer risk her family. It truly seems like an awful situation to be in. Vincent never lost his love for Evie and I can imagine to live a life without the person you know you love would be heartbreaking.


a_monster_callsConor from A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
I cannot imagine being in Conor’s situation in this novel. The story is a wonderful tale of a monster that visits Conor in the night, teaching him lessons about life as it goes along. However behind that Conor’s mum is ill, terrifyingly so. It seems like the most painful thing when you crying at midnight over the ending of the book, and then in the morning everything is okay again. But i cannot imagine being in Conor’s place and i would never wish to be.


51hgknewxl-_sy344_bo1204203200_Quentin from Paper Towns by John Green
I’d be so frustrated if I was Q. He put in so much effort to find Margo and in the end she threw it back in his face. He’s such a kind person who clearly wants to do the best in everything he does, however i would hate to put so much effort in to something for nothing. Clearly Margo wasn’t the person he thought she was, and even though i love her character, she did frustrate me towards the end and i had a lot of sympathy for Q.


41naweup5sl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Wells from The 100 by Kass Morgan
There are so many characters in The 100 series that i wouldn’t want to trade places with, but i’d probably say that Wells is number one. The main reason why would be because i would hate to have watched my father get injured and then suddenly not be able to get to him, let alone be sent to a completely different planet. Also on Earth, Wells has a lot of responsibility as the Chancellors son to make sure everything is kept in order, i think i’d hate that amount of pressure on me. I love Wells as a character, but i’m so pleased that i’m not in his position!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Characters You Wouldn’t Want To Trade Places With

  1. I absolutely agree with you on Quentin, I felt so bad for him. But I also thought he was maybe a bit head-in-the-clouds regarding his view of Margo – something I’m guilty of myself when it comes to other people. 🙂


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