Lessons We Could Learn From Hermione Granger

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This is the second post in the ‘Lessons we can learn from…’ series! Last month, Sarah wrote about what she has learnt from Holden Caulfield (check it out!) and this month I have taken over to write about my first fictional love, Hermione Granger. These posts aren’t always going to be protagonists or main characters, but any characters we feel we have learnt things from.

dh-uk-kids-jacket-art.jpgAs a child I read a lot of books, (just call me…err, Hermione?) and many characters have stuck with me over the years but she is the first character I remember feeling ridiculously attached to. Hermione, of course, is from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Everyone knows Hermione and her most obvious traits: she’s clever, she can be bossy and overly cautious. Let’s be honest, she’s voice of reason and whenever Harry is going to jump headfirst into a stupid decision, Hermione warns him with our exact thoughts.

A beautiful thing about this character is that we can read her personal journey and see how see changes and adapts and the opinions she holds dear.

Hermione has amazing positive traits which I admire and I believe are great for children and adults alike to see – she really is a role model character. However, like all the greatest characters out there, she also has her flaws and I have learnt lessons from all sides of her character.

Here’s some lessons Hermione taught me and I believe could teach others too:

  • Friendship is the most important thing.
  • People may hate you because of a part of you identity: never listen to them.
  • Reading and learning new skills and knowledge can be fun.
  • Be more open minded – just because someone sees things differently to you, it doesn’t mean they are wrong.
  • If you believe in something important, be proud and stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

I definitely see Hermione as an amazing character, especially for a series targeted at children and young people! Life lessons I have learnt from her have been invaluable and she will always be close to my heart.

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