July Wrap-Up 2016

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I’ve had an awful reading month. There i’ve said it. I’ve been somewhat in a reading slump, along with events such as my graduation happening and i’ve been on holiday for a few days, i’ve just had very very little time to read. It feels like i’ve constantly been starting books to try and get them read before YALC, but not finishing any of them! Here’s what i’ve read anyway.

The first book that i finished due to me starting it in June is The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre. Deanna never leaves her home with the fear that she will murder someone. She has the need to murder anyone and everyone that comes to her door, so she never leaves. That is until she discovers a little girl has been taken and she could very well be involved with it. Deanna has to figure out the best way for her to leave the house and save Annie without letting her urges take over. I really did enjoy this book. My full review will be up very soon!. It has been on my book list for a very long time and i’m glad i finally got the chance to read it. It’s full of graphic content as Deanna works as a camgirl from her home, so not for a younger audience, but it’s a perfect psychological thriller with some great twists of character.

As soon as i got my hand on Carrie Hope Fletcher’s On The Other Side i started reading it (quite literally, JUST). I have a full review of the novel and my thoughts on it HERE if you want to check it out. When i say that i adored this book, it means i ADORED this book. I have not read a better written and told story for a long time and it made me very happy it came form Carrie. On The Other Side is about Evie Snow and the mistakes she made in her life. After she died, she must fix those mistakes during her life to allow herself to rest in peace. It’s such a fantastic concept it’s difficult for anyone not to love. On The Other Side is a true magical fairytale for adults.

As preparation for YALC this year i started to panic read all the books by the authors that were going to be at YALC. This meant that i finished The 100 by Kass Morgan in July! I ended up loving this book so much more than i thought i would. I will have a full review up very soon with my thoughts so keep your eyes on the blog for that! The 100 is the story of 100 criminals on a space ship who have been sent down to test the earth, years after it was evacuated. I didn’t know what to expect, but i didn’t expect to fall in love with the characters and the story! I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the trilogy.

Those were the books that i managed to get around to this month, not very many, but i also started Rebel Of The Sands and The Weight Of Water. So in reality, i have had a busy reading month (trying to make myself feel better).

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