Authors I’m Excited For At YALC

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YALC is approaching quickly and that means our excitement is building by the day. We are looking forward to meeting so many incredible authors and finding out more about how they write and the fantastic books that are on our shelves at home. There are a whole host of great authors going to YALC this year (and we’re a little in awe about how many we actually get to be in the same room as at once), so many of them we cannot wait to hear talk. Here’s a list of the authors that we are most excited about seeing.

David Levithan and Nina LaCour
These two amazing people are doing a panel together at YALC this year and i couldn’t be more excited about it. David Levithan is an incredible author and even more amazing person. I’ve had a great experience with him before, so listening to him talk all over again will be great. He teamed with Nina to write You Know Me Well which dominated the LGTBQ+ genre this year.

Sarah Crossan
I quickly fell in love with Sarah Crossan’s writing towards the end of 2015 and to find out that she will be talking at YALC this year honestly made me more excited than i’ve been for a long time. I love her novels, the majority of which are written in verse, and i cannot wait to find out more about her writing style.

Sophie Kinsella
One of the main reasons why we chose the certain day we did for YALC was because Sophie Kinsella would be there on a panel. Me and Sophie both absolutely love Sophie Kinsella’s work and i think she will be interesting to sit and listen to given her extensive background in novel writing. She will be talking about exploring different themes within her novels which will be interesting as she is mainly a women’s contemporary author.

Alwyn Hamilton
Alwyn Hamilton is somewhat of a new love for me. I started reading Rebel of the Sands recently in the hope that i would finish it before YALC (still working on it, bear with me) and it’s one of the first fantasy novels that has completely hooked me from the start on the characters and the storyline. I cannot wait to hear what she’s got to say about the political resistance in YA novels!

Those are that authors that i’m most excited to hear from at YALC this Saturday. There are plenty more incredible names that have been announced that i’m sure will provide amazing talks and points of conversation. I’m getting so excited for the weekend now!

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