How To Be Both Read-Along Day 6

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Day 6 which means we are nearly at the end! One more day to go! (And I have quite a lot left to read since I’m on page 180.) Read our other posts here if you’re not caught up!

51R9y295B8L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_So in my last post I spoke about how the novel was growing on me, mainly due to George and her observations and insights. I still now adore George, probably even more so than before. I am however struggling with the style once again.

Though I am now used to the writing style, I’m finding it difficult to sit down for a while with the book. I need regular breaks from it because I can’t really get into it. Sarah mentioned in her previous post how the premise of art was a main issue for her and I have to say I agree (we are much too similar).

The story itself is not living up to what I hoped it would and felt like it would. The main reason I love a story, be it told by book, film, tv, etc. is because of the emotions: how it makes me feel. If I love a story it is because I am emotionally attached to it in some way. I have to admit, though at first it did, How To Be Both is now losing me in that aspect.

I am still going to finish the book and I am still intrigued as to what happens, I am just unsure how quickly I will read it.

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