Day number 4 of the read-along is here! We are still alternating so check out Sarah’s post from yesterday here in case you missed it. 
51R9y295B8L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_I last spoke about how I was unsure of the story and felt quite disconnected from protagonist, George. I’m around 100 pages in and I am enjoying it much more now! I’m used to the style, which I wasn’t a huge fan of at first, but i do appreciate it for this novel.

In regards to George I have warmed to her and I enjoy her quirks and the often jarring or strange shifts in time she gives to us. The way she sees the world and views other characters is very interesting and I do like this aspect.

I am however still a little disconnected from the story itself. I’m unsure how I feel about what is happening and where it is going, but I’ve not given up on it. Some of my favourite novels seemingly go nowhere at first but then pick up and eventually deliver a great story.

I am feeling much more positive about it now and I’m definitely excited to read more tonight!

Let us know your thoughts on the novel (or even other works of Ali Smith) in the comments below or tweet us! Sarah will be back tomorrow with a new post about How To Be Both.



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