How To Be Both Read-Along Day 3

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It’s the third day of our read-along! Sophie took yesterdays post that you can read HERE if you want to catch up, but i will talk a little more about my feelings for How To Be Both now i’m a little bit further in.

In my last post i talked about how i’m not really getting in to the book and i wasn’t really sure of how it’s going to turn out. I still have that feeling dramatically. How To Be Both is one of the most critically acclaimed novels of the past few years, meaning that it was extremely difficult for me and Sophie to pass on reading it at some point. Admittedly i’ve gone in to it with a little bit of a blind eye, i had no clue. But this was not what i was expecting at all.

In reality, it’s a novel about art. A novel about acceptance and changes and loss. But within all that, the story itself is displayed very strangely. It’s very descriptive with very little action in between. I’m not in to three digit pages so feel like i can make that claim quite easily now. At one point in the novel George, the protagonist, diverts the attention from what she was saying and takes a few pages out to talk about something that is seemingly completely pointless. I’m struggling to keep my focus on reading.

Saying that, i’ve absolutely loved the occasional lines that do make you think about the novel and what is happening. I love stories that make you think, this is definitely one of them so i’m hoping by the end i will truly love Ali Smith’s writing style.

Stay tuned for Sophie’s verdict tomorrow, let us know your thoughts on How To Be Both!

This is what the town will look like when i’m dead too, George thinks. And if i were to jump, right now? Nothing would change.

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