It’s day 2 of our Read-Along! Yesterday, Sarah described Ali Smith’s novel and explained what it is about. We are both forming similar opinions on How To Be Both so far and here is my little update for today.

I’m currently 40 pages into the book and I am enjoying it and I love the fact it is something I wouldn’t normally choose to read. However, the style sometimes disconnects me from the story itself and this is bothering me a little and I am finding it hard to fully get into because of this.

George is a character who I like but don’t feel very attached to. I may well become more attached later in the novel, who knows!

I’m still not quite sure what is going to happen or the path it will take and in some ways, I enjoy the vague element of this. I have been reading small bits inbetween unpacking today so maybe I need to sit down and focus on it for a good hour or so to really begin to connect to the story. Sarah will be posting tomorrow again so keep an eye out for that!

Plan for tomorrow: give myself a chunk of time to focus solely on reading!




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