Top 5 Settings You Want To See More Of

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There are loads of settings that i have read about in different worlds or this one that i would like to see more of. This question did not specify whether those worlds had to all be fictional, historical or real, so i’m going to use a mixed to answer this question! Because sometimes you want to see more of a hill with a tea shop and sometimes you want to see more of a castle with a dragon.

Divergent by Veronica Roth- The Dauntless CampDivergent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 1) by [Roth, Veronica]
I know we have a Divergent movie that allows us to see what the camp is like, but i really would like a full detailed tour around the Dauntless Camp. When i first read Divergent a few years ago, i completely fell in love with Dauntless. That faction was one of the only things that kept me reading to the second one. Seeing the actual camp in the movie got me really excited about the story and how the different factions lived. I would just really really love to know more about Dauntless.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins- Victors’ Village
I feel like the Victors’ Village is talked about a lot but we never really get much information about what it’s like there. If you didn’t know, the Victors’ Village is the place where all victors’ of The Hunger Games reside, there is one of these in each district. At the end of the Mockingjay movie, we see more glimpses in to Katniss and Peeta and their home in the Victors’ Village, but not much more than that. I really would like to see more from that setting.

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys- The Siberia Camp 
I have only just recently read Between Shades of Gray but each and every setting left me more and more interested to see more. As it is a war novel, the settings were dismal and a little bit grim to say the least. The Siberia Camp is the final setting that we see in the book, where the characters are living in huts made from anything and everything while people are dying slowly one by one around them as they are forced to work in arctic conditions by the soviet guards. I would love to see more of this setting so i could visualise fully what i would have been like for those people there.


Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – Malfoy Manner
Everyone loves the Malfoy family, if you don’t you’re lying to yourself. There is not one person who doesn’t love to hate them. The Malfoy family are my favourite family within the Harry Potter series without a doubt and i would love to see more of their manner. Throughout the movies we saw little bits of what it looked like and certain rooms. But i could easily watch or read a guided tour of their whole home. It’s so wonderfully dark, i think it would be incredible to see what really is behind the closed doors in that place.

Billy and Me & Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher – Rosefont Hill
Everyone is aware that i absolutely love these two novels, i bang on about them so much, especially in these top 5 posts. Rosefont Hill is a small village in Kent where Sophie May grew up with her mother. She works in a small tea shop (and later owns) on top of the hill and everyone knows everyones business. The quaint little village seems so magical and safe that i would love to see more of it. It’s not described very much in the novel except saying what shops are on the high street. I’m praying that this gets developed in to a movie at some point so i can see more from this wonderful setting!

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One thought on “Top 5 Settings You Want To See More Of

  1. Malfoy Manor, agreed! Although I read the Harry Potter books years ago, I can only recall their residence in the last book. I’d have loved to have seen it without it being occupied by Voldemort and his gang.


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