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This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is the top 5 posts that you have ever created. I loved the idea of this one because it means i can show of the posts that I have loved writing and getting involved with in the last year. There is a great mix on here so read through them and enjoy!

5) My fifth favourite post that i’ve written for this blog in the last year of doing this with my days is The Books I Should Have Already Read (But Haven’t) post. I know i practically shamed myself with this by naming the popular books that i definitely should have gotten around to by now, but i feel like uploading it is the push that i needed to get some of these actually read!

4) Possibly by fourth favourite post that i’ve written is my 2015 wrap-up. I was so proud when i uploaded this because i could see in front of me everything that i managed to achieve in the year 2015. To others, the amount of books (just under 50) that i read wouldn’t seem like much, but to me it was a real achievement to read that many words and pages. I definitely loved this post.

3) The third favourite post that i have uploaded is probably my 25 Bookish Facts About Me post. I absolutely loved doing this and exploring sides to my book habits that i’d not noticed or forgotten about. It’s a popular post amongst BookTubers and Book Bloggers so joining in made me feel apart of the community. Luckily, this has also been one of my most successful posts to date.

2) Celebrating Creativity is probably my second favourite post. It’s not something that i’ve spoken about a lot on this blog but when i had the chance to meet Mark Wright, creator of many Doctor Who stories, it got me thinking about how creative writing is perceived and in how many forms it can be taken. No matter what your creative outlet, it should not be looked down upon or seen as inferior to others. Being creative is being creative and it all matters just as much. I think i like this one just because i’m passionate about the topic, lets fact it.

1) My number one post on this blog has to be the interview with Jenn Bennett that i shared with Sophie. Jenn is one of my favourite contemporary authors after reading Night Owls so it was great to have a chat with her about how she writes and creates her characters. I always find the way authors write fascinating (as i’m an aspiring writer myself) and getting the chance to talk to such a lovely woman was truly a memorable post.

There are so many more than i could have talked about, like the reviews that Patrick Ness and Giovanna Fletcher have read and commented on, however these were the posts that i have enjoyed writing the most and getting involved with. I’m so happy with some of these and how they’ve been received on the blog.

Have fun reading these posts if there are any you’ve missed!


Top 5 Wednesday was started on Good Reads and can be done by any blogger or vlogger! HERE is the information if you want to join in!



One thought on “Top 5 Posts

  1. This is an awesome idea for a post. It’s cool to see what bloggers view as their favorite posts they created. It gives more insight in my opinion. I’m going over to check these posts out asap! 🙂

    – Jenn


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