Whyte Lies by KC Acton Cover Reveal

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There is a new suspense thriller coming up that I think you might be interested in! Whyte Lies is the first in a series of crime thriller novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat, something that would be absolutely perfect for a beach holiday i imagine! Stay turned on this post to see us reveal the new cover!

Whyte Lies is set for release on the 1st of July, available on Kindle. That’s just in time to download it for your beach holiday this year and will cost you just £1.99!

Here is the summery:

Gunshots ring out on the sweltering summer air, shattering the peaceful silence. The stench of exhaust fumes and burning rubber fill the humid breeze as the car’s wheels spin against the embankment.
In front of the car, a girl lies hunched, her blonde hair stained red. Her light summer dress is torn. She’s missing a sandal. Part of her wishes she were dead.
Inside the car, the girl’s father is slumped over the steering wheel. Behind him, the girl’s mother lies motionless.
The forest is eerily quiet, silenced by the violence, while the shadows of the trees protect the carnage.
Crime and justice are Detective Faith Whyte’s business. Murder is her speciality.
Faith thinks she has seen it all, until she investigates the brutal killing of a family in Killarney National Park.
However, the killer is closer than she thinks, and Faith must open her eyes before someone else becomes the victim of a dark and deadly mind.
Faith has spent a lifetime running, but the past is about to catch up with her. Now, she must surrender to the present and trust her instincts more than ever.
What happens when the present collides with the secrets of the past? Find out in Whyte Lies, a story about family secrets, the ties that bind, and the true cost of the lies we tell.

Sounds good right?

I’m also very happy to reveal that this is the new cover for Whyte Lies!


I can’t wait for everyone to get their copy and see what the opinions are on this fantastic new novel! I hoped you enjoyed a little bit of a different post, being a cover reveal!

Happy reading!

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