Top 5 Favourite Literary Fathers/Father Figures

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There are so very few fathers or father figures in novels that make a big impact, and it’s quite sad. I really wish there were more fathers involved in novels, they can be such a figure of support and make me really happy when i read about their relationship with their children. I always like the fathers in novels that remind me the most of my dad, I think I like reading about him personified in to different characters. Well here is my little list of my favourite fathers or father figures in novels!

Dean May – Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher
In Billy and Me, it is revealed that Sophie’s father was killed when she was just eleven years old. However prior to that, her father is described to be one of the best. She has such a good bond with her father in her childhood years, your heart literally breaks when you’re reading about his death in the novel and how she dealt with it. He is percieved to be the father who is always there for her, someone who dotes on her no matter what and always has a treat up his sleeve. Incredibly unrealistic, but cute all the same.


Lara-Jean’s Father – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
The one thing I absolutely adore about the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before duology is the family aspects to them. Lara-Jean’s mother passed away when she was young, meaning that her father took on the role of both parents, with help from his eldest daughter.


Bernard Clark – Me Before You by JoJo Moyes As soon as I started this novel I knew that I’d fall in love with the family. To be honest, I love families in novels and learning about each member and all of their different quirks. But in Me Before You, Louisa’s father is so caring and considerate of her you find it hard to really not love him. Through everything he sticks up for his daughter and that’s obviously the sign of a great dad.


Sirius Black – The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
How could I make a father figure post without including Sirius? He is the perfect example of what a godfather should be and always protects Harry no matter what it takes. Every scene between these two I absolutely adore.
Honourable mention: James Potter – because why the hell not?


Hans Hubermann – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
The Book Thief gives a perfect example of an inspiring father figure. Although her biological father was taken away from his family, Liesel finds another father in Hans, her foster parent. Hans consistently tries to make Liesel feel safe and comfortable – a difficult task as the story is set in WW2 Germany. He helps her learn to read and write and he teaches her to treat all humans with love, defying the Nazi regime.

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