We’re Going To YALC

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Yes you read that title correctly. After talk of it for a few months we finally bit the bullet and bought tickets to YALC! We’re only going to be there for the Saturday due to other commitments and lets face it, doing a day is a whole lot cheaper, but we shall be at YALC! We’re both so excited to be amongst other book lovers for the day and hear from all the amazing guests at the con about their books and thoughts on the YA genre.

If you weren’t already aware, YALC is a YA Literature Convention that is attached to the prestigious London Film and Comic Con. It was first set up by Malorie Blackman in order to bring together YA lovers and celebrate the amazing novels that have been published in the genre. It gives people the chance to meet their favourite authors, listen to a whole bunch of talks with all different topics and discover new books (and that’s not all!)

We’ve both been wanting to attend this event for a couple of years and figured that a day is better than nothing this year. We’re excited about the whole event and getting a lot of blog content while we’re there! We’ll keep you informed of what we’re doing over on our Twitter page (@TLCCBlog) and be writing lots of YALC related posts in the near future!

Hopefully we’ll see some of you there, YALC is one of the biggest book events in the UK and definitely isn’t something to be missed if you love YA.

There are still a few tickets left if you’re interested in going yourself. However they are selling out fast now that the schedule has been announced.

We’re excited for our first Blog Trip Out! (However not first friend trip out, obviously we spend quite a bit of time together already, we promise). Can you tell by this post we’re excited? Because we are!

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