May 2016 Wrap-Up

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So far in 2016 i’ve had some really great reading months, and i’m personally very happy with the amount of reading that i’ve achieved (and how much i’ve lowered my TBR pile)! I May has been no different. I’ve managed to read a hefty amount for myself again, and i’m keeping on top of my reading and enjoying my new found freedom of no longer being a university student and being swamped with assignments. Here’s to summer reading!


The first book that i read in May was The Space Between Trees by Katie Williams. I picked up a copy of this YA novel super cheap a few months ago, thinking that the premise sounded interesting. Once Evie discovers that her old friend Elizabeth has been killed, her life turns in to one spiralling lie that she cannot get out of. I thought this sounded like a great and dramatic idea for a YA novel. However i came to realise why this story has never been done in a YA novel before: because it was just bad. A young girl simply cannot solve the mystery behind another young girls death. And don’t even get me started on how frustrating Hadley was as a character.

In May i finally got around to reading Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. I’ve been putting off this read for a long time and you can read my full thoughts HERE. Lou is put in a position in her mid-twenties where she needs a job, a well paid job. That’s when the opportunity to become a companion for quadriplegic, Will Traynor, comes along. It’s good money for little work, but Lou can only imagine how much this little job would change her whole life. I absolutely loved this story and i can’t believe i was putting it off for this long. My ugly sobbing in my room at midnight proves how much these characters made an impact on me. I cannot wait for the movie!

After Me Before You i got around to reading Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella (finally). Audrey is plagued by anxiety, so much so that she cannot leave her home. That is until her brother brings home a new friend in the form of Linus, someone who is patient and willing to get to Audrey no matter what. My full thoughts on this novel will be up soon on the blog so keep your eyes peeled for that post! I did enjoy this story. It was a fast read and overall quite a good YA novel, however it was not my favourite Sophie Kinsella book, i felt a little let down by her lacklustre story this time.


The last book that i got around to reading in May (some of them were pretty big, okay) was a re-read of Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. I’ve never hidden the fact that i love Giovanna Fletcher’s easy and fun novels, Billy and Me is no different. Sophie is happy living her small life in her small town with a very unexciting job, that is until film star Billy Buskin comes in to town while filming the new Pride and Prejudice movie. Surely someone like Billy wouldn’t fall for Sophie, and surely if he did their lives would be too different for it to work? I re-read this book in preparation for Always With Love, Giovanna’s new novel that brings us back to the loved lives of Billy and Sophie.

The final book that I read in May (but didn’t think i’d get to) is Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher! I got my hands on an early copy which meant that i got started as soon as i had it in my hands. Sophie and Billy are struggling to find their feet as their relationship is put under strain by distance. We follow them as they try and figure out their differences, stressful mother-in-laws and awkward kisses in all! I absolutely loved this novel and have a review up already if you want to check it out. I’m so glad i read it straight away, if not a little deflated now i have no new Giovanna novels to devour.

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