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We are very happy to welcome Charlotte to our blog! She’s going to be guest writing some posts in the future and we’re very excited about it! Hopefully you love her posts as much as we do!

Hi there! I’m Charlotte from wonderfullybookish, and I’m so excited to be a guest poster on The Little Contemporary Corner! I’m going to be doing the Fictional Bucket List tag created by BookTuber jessethereader. Your fictional bucket list is a list of things you’d love to do, places you’d like to go and people you’d love to meet within the fictional worlds of books – so it could be having dinner with your favourite characters, or going on holiday to Mordor. I’m going to share my fictional bucket list with you, and I’d be really interested to read yours in the comments!

harry_potterHarry Potter // Study, even just for a year, at Hogwarts and travel the Wizarding World, visiting the other schools like Beauxbatons and Durmstrang


fangirl2Fangirl // Write fan fiction with Cath and Wren


the_snow_childThe Snow Child // Explore the Alaskan wilderness and meet Faina, the mysterious snow child


bfg1The BFG // Experiment with dream-catching with Sophie and the BFG


rabbit_backThe Rabbit Back Literature Society // Take a tour and get lost in the amazing Rabbit Back Library. I could read for hours in there!


howl1Howl’s Moving Castle // Have breakfast and travel to magical kingdoms with Sophie, Howl, Markl and Heen the dog


matilda1Matilda // Go for a picnic in the park and have tea with Matilda and Miss Honey

So, those are mine and there are probably a lot more! What would you like to get up to in fictional lands?



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