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I think what enhanced my obsession with books was my addiction to YouTube. I discovered the magical world of YouTube pretty late in my life (I think I was about 19) and suddenly became obsessed with people talking about books on there! There are so many incredible ‘BookTubers’ who host giveaways, record hauls, reviews and anything else you can image in front of a camera. Watching BookTuber’s is a pass time which allows me to relax but still think about novels and get me excited to read. After all, we all want to be excited to read!

There are some YouTuber’s that I have stuck by and watch religiously still, here are my favourite accounts that I think you should check out.

Regan started my obsession with YouTube and she still is my absolute favourite person to watch. Not only is she loveable as a person (she now has a vlog channel that you can also check out at PeruseProjectVlogs) but she reads in so many genres that it’s hard to not find a book you’ll love on her shelf.

I watched a few videos from this channel when I first got excited about YouTube and I kind of let that phase dwindle out. However recently I’ve picked it up again and now watch her videos religiously. Whitney has much more of a similar taste in novels to me, so it’s nice to see what she’s reading or what’s on her shelf. She talks a lot about fiction, contemporary fiction and if you go through some of her old videos they’re heavily YA based.

I completely fell in love with Jesse after the first video. His pure sarcasm makes me utterly pleased. But really I go here for graphic novel recommendations. There are quite often graphic novels in his hauls or reviews and I always end up finding something I want to read or learn to love. He also often discusses YA and fantasy novels, so if that’s your thing, go check him out.

Once again, Layla’s channel was one that i let dwindle out after my first few weeks on YouTube that i have picked up again recently. She’s a reader of all kinds of genres so its hard not to find something you’ll like on her channel. Her videos are always interesting and keep your attention the whole way through. She’s quickly become one of my favourite channels!

Casey was the first British BookTuber I found while searching the internet. I absolutely love her style of videos which centres around hauls, looks on books and collabs with other amazing British BookTubers.

Alita probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to watch the occasionally bookish video from a very positive thinker and lover of life than she’s definitely for you! Sadly with school she finds little time to post anymore, but her whole backlog of hauls and reviews is sure to keep you entertained for weeks!

If you’re bored or reading or finding yourself in a slump (or you’re just procrastinating) then check out these YouTube channels to get yourself excited about reading again and find your new favourite book! It really is amazing what you find after watching 72 videos in an afternoon…

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