March 2016 Book Haul

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In the month of March I was supposed to acquire no new books. That’s a final total of zero books, nothing, nada, zilch. Do we think that’s happened? No it has not. I was going very strong on my book ban this month until the shop that I work in (book shop, obviously) was having a sale: everything in the store was 99p. That is not something I could pass up so quickly grabbed all the fiction I’d been wanting for a while that they had in stock. Whereas I’m sad I actually purchased books, I don’t really regret it at all. So this haul isn’t huge, and I managed to get books that I’d been really really wanting to read. It’s not all bad.

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey
There was a huge amount of hype around Elizabeth is Missing around a year ago and I’d heard mixed reviews about the confusing but clever novel about a dementia sufferer. I kept debating if I should read it or not but for 99p I figured it was worth it.
Get your copy HERE

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivy
Don’t know what The Snow Child is about if I’m honest but I’ve heard it has great similarities to a fairytale, the cover was pretty and I managed to get the hardback cheap.
Get your copyHERE

Atonement by Ian McEwan
I’ve once again been debating for a long time if I wanted to read Atonement. If you’re an avid fiction reader it feels like one of those books you should read. I decided to pick it up cheap anyway.
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The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories by Tim Burton
Anything by Tim Burton should be read, that’s the general conscious that I live by.
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My Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty
Once again this was a book I’ve been debating reading for a while. It took my interest as a fiction crime/psychological thriller (I’m really interested in those at the moment) but probably not enough to pay full price for it. Finding it for 99p was practically a god send.
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How To Be Single by Liz Tuccillo
My boyfriend reluctantly came to see How To Be Single with me at the cinema a few weeks ago and I wanted to pick up the book to see how it differed. Whereas I’m a little on edge about the movie (it was just a bit okay for a chick flick) I have high hopes for the book as I’ve seen great reviews!
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The Lie by C.L.Taylor
Not really sure what the premise is, another impulse buy because I enjoy a good psychological thriller recently.
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The Other Child by Lucy Atkins
See ‘The Lie’ explanation.
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Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell
Why wouldn’t you buy a short story by Rainbow Rowell? It’s a shared knowledge that she is queen bee of YA contemporary fiction at the moment. Kindred spirits is the story of a young girl who waits in lie to see the new Star Wars movie. You can read my review HERE.
Get your copy HERE

The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff
David Ebershoff is somewhat of a fascination to me. He is the author of The Danish Girl (which I loved) and when I saw his name on the cover of this kind of cultural, kind of historical, kind of thriller novel, I was more than interested to pick it up!
Get your copy HERE

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Once again I’ve been debating reading this modern classic for some time. It is set in a dystopian world where books are to be burned. I want to broaden my reading horizons a little and I think Fahrenheit 451 will help with that.
Get your copy HERE

Tampa by Alissa Nutting
I read the back of Tampa a few months ago, read reviews online and put it back down due to how many people said it was utterly disturbing to read. Amongst that I found a few reviews that said they couldn’t put it down. Tampa is the story of a teacher who is ultimately attracted to the male students in her class. It’s raw and vulgar and will probably churn your stomach. I picked up the next copy I found out of pure interest in the novel.
Get your copy HERE

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
I joined the hype with this one. Rebel of the Sands is a huge YA novel at the moment and I’d be surprised if you didn’t know what this one was about. Numerous times I’ve picked it up and put it back on the shelf but when I handed my dissertation in (hurray!) I chose to go and buy it!
Get your copy HERE

Mr Jolly by Michael Stewart
I was given a review copy of Mr Jolly at the launch of the book earlier on in the month. Michael Stewart is a northern author who has had great success with novels in the past but this is his first short story collection (he’s also my tutor). I’m currently reading this and will have a review up very soon!
Get your copy HERE

Warm Bodies by Isacc Marion
Warm Bodies is one of those stories that became huge a few years ago. I’ve seen the movie and the book is definitely not my kind of thing, but for so long i’ve been drawn to it. When i found the book pretty damn cheap in work (ad started reading it on my shift) i decided to pick up a copy finally.
Get your copy HERE

The Girl In The Read Coat by Kate Hamer
This was a little bit of an impulse buy. The cover looks intriguing and i know very little about it except that it is another crime/psychological thriller (which you know i’ve been really in to at the moment) so i figured it was worth a buy!
Get your copy HERE


So my no books turned in to a lot of books by the looks of things! Next month I’ll be officially on a book ban and no more can be bought (I promise!) I’m pretty pleased with the books I’ve gotten or received this month and the price I’ve gotten them for, cheap books are definitely the best books!

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