25 Bookish Facts About Me

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So many people have been writing their ’25 bookish facts about me’ recently. I realised that i’ve given very little information about my reading-self away on this blog, so here are my 25 bookish facts about me! It’ll be a right good time.

  1. I generally prefer reading from hardback books, but I own more paper backs because they’re cheaper.
  2. I’ll buy the movie cover of a book only if I really like the movie adaption or I like the actor on the cover.
  3. I always take off the dust jacket of a hardback when I start to read it.
  4. I always have to have a bottle of water near me when I start to read, if i don’t have some water near me i can’t concentrate on the book.
  5. I’m actually dyslexic and only began reading at around the age of 14, before that I found it difficult to read anything.
  6. Because of my dyslexia I find it difficult to follow story lines and understand what is happening in novels. This is why I don’t read that many fantasy books with complicated stories.
  7. I’m not sure how many books I own, but I’m nearing 500.
  8. My favourite book to film adaption is Catching Fire. Closely followed by The Fault In Our Stars.
  9. I’ve never read a full classic.
  10. I don’t have an official favourite book.
  11. I used to only read chick-lit novels, however now I have to be really in the mood to read them.
  12. I met two of my favourite authors, and guaranteed I embarrassed
    myself in front of both of them (David Levithan and Giovanna Fletcher.)
  13. I have a library card but rarely use it – I like to own the books that I’ve read.
  14. My book buying obsession started when my dad took me to a discount book store about 5 years ago, I owned none going in and came out with 12.
  15. Currently, my favourite genre is crime and psychological thrillers.
  16. If I’ve finished a book and don’t know what to move on to next, it will probably take me days to find the right book to read.
  17. If I’ve read half of a book and I’m not enjoying it, I put a little piece of paper in as the book mark. It’s pretty much a sure sign I’ll never go back to reading it.
  18. I love graphic novels, but graphic novels which have some kind of truth to them. Anything very violent or excessively fantasy doesn’t appeal to me at all.
  19. I always want to read in the afternoons or evenings, however I’m generally a more productive reader in the mornings.
  20. It takes me a long time to read a book as I’m a slow reader. An average sized book where I have a lot of time to read could take me 2/3 days. When I’m at uni I can only average 2/3 books a month.
  21. I adore The Catcher in the Rye  and i’m writing my 3rd year dissertation on the characterisation of Holden.
  22. I generally get most of my books online or from supermarkets because they’re so much cheaper.
  23. I bought myself a kindle 3 years ago but only use it for review books. I find it harder to concentrate on the book when it’s on a screen.
  24. I keep track of how much I read and what I read religiously. I have a note book which I record what I’ve read and bought per month. I also have notes on my phone of what I’ve read throughout the year.
  25. My TBR pile is absolutely ridiculously big. I buy books for almost any occasion, or if I find some cheap. And I read slowly. This is a bad combination for a reader.

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