Faking It by Cora Carmack

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I picked up Faking It by Cora Carmack really cheap in a charity shop some years ago, before I knew the kind of buzz this book series has. She’s one of the leaders of New Adult fiction with her novels, Faking It, Losing It and Finding It, and after reading Faking It I can understand why!

Author: Cora Carmack

Genre: NA, Contemporary, Romance

Publisher: Ebury Press

Publication Date: 6th June 2013

Pages: 352

Summery : And Max’s current boyfriend is as bad as they come. She knows her family would freak if they saw his tattoos and piercings.

So when her parents turn up unannounced Max grabs the most wholesome guy she can to play her boyfriend.

But Cade Winston is so perfect that Max needs him to keep playing the part. And the more they have to fake their relationship, the harder it gets to just pretend…

Faking It is the story of Max and her tragic relationship with her parents. She cannot face the disappointment of telling her parents she has no boyfriend when they turn up unannounced. So obviously Max grabs the first guy she sees. That guy happens to be Cade Winston, and he’s the most perfect man in existence, definitely not Max’s type but her parents love him. There’s too much at stake for them to fall in love.

Faking It was the first NA book that I’ve ever read and it was an interesting read. NA is practically hyped up storylines of YA novels, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re 21 and want an exciting romance without it being clichéd and childish. If this sounds like you, I’d defintely try some NA novels.

As I said, I picked up Faking It without knowing how popular it was on the internet. Since then I’ve found hundreds of people who are absolutely in love with Cora Carmack’s writing and storylines and I don’t blame them. She handles each situation well without it seeming like it’s something I’ve read a million times before (because let’s face it, it is something I’ve read a million times before.) Her writing style is fresh and gives a clear indication of who the characters are and what their personalities are like. It’s quite refreshing to read.

Throughout this novel I fell completely head over heels for Cade. From the start he literally is the perfect boyfriend and you cannot help but want to take him home to your parents. I adored reading about his life. However I must admit that Max annoyed me as a protagonist. I know that was probably the writers’ intentions but there’s something about reading so much about such an unliked character that really bothered me. Luckily the same characters do not star in Losing It and Finding It so I can officially let Max go.

Overall Faking It was a really enjoyable read for those days you just want something girly to see you through. I cannot wait to get in to her other books when i have some time to indulge. I would definitely recommend Cora Carmack as a New Adult author to anyone who hasn’t read her before, she fantastically puts her point across and creates such well rounded characters!

Rating Header4.5 four point five StarsSarah Signature

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