January 2016 Book Haul

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January is officially the month of Christmas money being spend and book sales being enjoyed. Maybe this January I enjoyed my Christmas money and the book sales a little too much. Supposedly this month was the start of my book buying ban, however there were just too many great deals this month that I couldn’t pass up! So on that note, here’s my ridiculously big January book haul!

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
Still Alice was the first book that I bought this month after being on a really big adult fiction hype after reading Room by Emma Donoghue. I had been eyeing up the movie on Netflix for some time and figured I’d pick up the book while I found it cheap! This is one book that I’m most excited to get to this year!
Bought from THE WORKS

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
I have been after a copy of Lolita for so so long (it’s a difficult book to track down cheap) and I finally found one when I was out shopping with Sophie! I don’t think I’ve been that excited by a book find for a long time and I’m so excited to get in to this classic!
Bought from FOPP

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
This novel has been on my ‘too buy’ list for quite some time. I’m not entirely sure of the storyline but I’ve heard absolutely incredible things over the last few years. I managed to pick this up in a deal with Lolita so I’m more than pleased with the price I paid for it.
Bought from FOPP

The Walled City by Ryan Graudin
I’ve heard a lot of things about this novel recently and it’s similarity to the movie The Purge. I absolutely adore the franchise and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this to find out what the excitement was about. I’ve heard incredible things and I think I bought it while still on the ‘adult fiction’ high.
Bought from ABEBOOKS

Alice and the Fly by James Rice
Alice and the Fly was a complete impulse buy while I was away for a few days. All that I knew was this was a book about schizophrenia and I’ve always wanted to read more fiction based around different mental health issues. I’ve already read this one and the review will be up very soon!
Bought from THE WORKS

The Other Me by Saskia Sarginson
This was another purchased bought in a deal with Alice and the Fly, I’ve not heard anything about this novel however the cover drew me in and the premise seemed interesting so I thought I might as well give it a go. I bought it at the beginning of the month and still feel like I want to read it so that’s a good sign!
Bought from THE WORKS

Look Who’s Back by Timir Vermes
So many great things have been said about this novel. It was one of the biggest books of 2015 and has such an interesting story I couldn’t help but pick it up. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it, it doesn’t seem like something I’d jump at the chance to read, but that’s okay! I’m quite excited to try this out eventually.

Oliver: The Cat Who Saved Christmas by Shelia Norton
I won’t lie, I was hoping that I’d get a copy of this for Christmas. I love Christmas, I love cats, and my cat is aptly named Oliver. However I didn’t receive a copy and when I found a perfect condition copy in a charity shop I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I don’t care if it’s a Christmas novel, it will definitely be read at some point throughout the year.
Bought from OXFAM

Under the Same Stars by Tim Lott
I kept seeing this cover around in the sales and I recognised it from somewhere else, I still have no idea where though! The premise of two brothers trying to reconnect doesn’t completely sound like my kind of novel, however it seems quite funny and I felt like it was following me around anyway!
Bought from THE WORKS

The Art Of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson
There was so much excitement over this novel when it was first released last year and I so desperately wanted to pick up a copy. The story follows a young boy who wants to be a girl and the impact it has on his school life. At the time paying for a hardback just wasn’t okay with me and I eventually just never bought it. However I found the newly released paperbacks very cheap and was more than happy to pick it up! This will definitely be read very soon!
Bought from SAINSBURYS

The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff
After the movie was released of The Danish Girl earlier on this month and watching Eddie Redmayne do a fantastic job (as usual) as the lead I couldn’t wait to pick up a copy of the book. Once again this story follows the husband of an artist who discovers that he wants to be female. The movie is so stunning that I hope the book lives up to it!
Bought from SAINSBURYS

Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller
One of my friends picked up this novel earlier in the month and I thought the storyline was fantastic. It is based around a father who takes his child in to the woods to live away from civilisation and that hooked me straight away. I found a copy cheap (I feel like this is a theme) and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read it.
Bought from SAINSBURYS

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
I’ve finally read my first Gillian Flynn book (hurray!) and I am very aware that Dark Places has just been made in to a movie. I thought I’d prepare myself and read this pretty soon. I do love Gillian Flynn’s writing and I was happy to pick this up without knowing much about the story-line.
Bought from THE WORKS

How To Be Both by Ali Smith
Once again I’ve been looking for a copy of this absolutely everywhere for so long. When it was first released I had very little interest, however now my tastes have changed slightly I figured I’d give it a go!
Bought from OXFAM
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
It may seem like Gillian Flynn is my new obsession, she is not sadly. I recently read The Grownup by her and thought it was incredible, but Sharp Objects has been on my ‘to buy’ list for such a long time. I’m not a massive fan of crime books so didn’t want to pay a lot for it, however Sharp Objects seems like the most interesting novel of hers. I’m so very excited to get to this one.
Bought from OXFAM

The Diary of Anne Frank – Anne Frank
I know a few people that have been reading this recently and said it was incredible. I know The Diary Of Anne Frank isn’t anything new, but I’ve never even thought about picking it up until I found a copy by chance. I want to broaden my horizons with reading and learning about something to important in history probably isn’t a bad start!
Bought from OXFAM

The Opposite Of Loneliness by Marina Keegan
I’ve heard absolutely incredible things about this collection of essays from Marina Keegan on YouTube in the last year or so. I’m so intrigued by it i couldn’t help but pick it up even though it’s definitely something i wouldn’t usually read. The Opposite Of Loneliness is a collection of essays written by Marina Keegan while she attended College. Five days after her graduation she passed away in a car accident.
Bought from AMAZON

The Widow by Fiona Barton
I picked this up when i browsing because of the little sticker that said ‘if you liked The Girl On The Train!’ and i definitely liked The Girl On The Train. I’ve been looking for a few more crime books to get in to and this seemed perfect! It also might have been a bit of a treat for passing an assignment…
Bought from AMAZON

The Complete Short Stories of Roald Dahl Volumes 1 & 2
Recently i’ve been feeling the need to read more short stories, and i’ve had an interesting in Roald Dahl’s adult novels for quite some time now. Combine the two and i can’t really see where i’m going to go wrong? I picked these up ridiculously cheap!
Bought from THE WORKS

Congratulations if you’ve made it to the end of this ridiculously long book haul, trust me, I wish I didn’t buy so many books as well! Next month is my birthday so I have little hope for it getting better either.

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