December 2015 Wrap-Up

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After a very big reading slump in November, I managed to pull myself back in to the swing of things in December! Hurrah! I read in total 4 books and 1 graphic novel in December and I have to say that I enjoyed every one of them! Hopefully I’ll continue to read more in to the new year but with a lot of university deadlines coming up, who knows what will really happen! Here are the books that I read this month!

The first book that I finished after my reading slump was My Heart and
Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga I’d been excited to read this since its release and was putting it off and putting it off because I just didn’t want it to be read! I kind of regret that now. My Heart and Other Black Holes was just a little bit of a disappointment to be honest. It’s fantastically written and I enjoyed the storyline but the topic wasn’t handled as well as some of the other mental health novels I’ve read. The story follows two teenagers who plan their suicide together in a pact and their last month alive. I really did enjoy the story and got through it quite quickly, however I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

Once I finished My Heart and Other Black Holes I figured in the middle of December it was about time to get Christmassy! Working in a bookshop it means I get to find the most exciting books sometimes. I think the height of my excitement this year was finding Skipping Christmas by John Grisham! I chose to read it right away and it was officially my Christmas book of the year! I absolutely loved this novel (as I love the film adaptation) and I have a full review up HERE if you want to read more!

Throughout December I have been reading Camp Midnight by Jason Adam Katzenstein as I was sent a copy for review. It’s not out until May 2016 but I can image it’s going to be a pretty big graphic novel. I loved the story and the original-ness it. I’d say that it was definitely for a younger audience as the storyline was quite simple, however it’s a very fun read and something you can get through very quickly! They’ll be a review up on here very soon!

The next novel that I completed in December was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis which was in fact our Christmas read-along 2015! Me and Sophie read this together along with a few of our friends to get us in the Christmas spirit. I’ve never read any of the Chronicals of Narnia novels before and I found it a little lack luster. I enjoyed it, I just didn’t overly connect with the story. I think it might be one of those thing’s I just love the movie for!

To finish off the year and in preparation for the January movie release, I finally got round to reading Room by Emma Donoghue! There will also be a full review up very very soon on the blog so keep your eyes peeled for that! However for now I will tell you that I thought it was absolutely phenomenal. I have a habit of reading books right at the end of the year that suddenly turn in to my favourite books of the year, this is no different. Room takes you through every emotion you can think of, all wrapped up in incredible writing. I cannot recommend this book enough to EVERYONE!

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