Christmas Read-Along Day 1

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HAPPY READ-ALONG DAY! It’s the 22nd of December so that means we officially start our week long read-along today for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis! Grab a book a join us in our magical, festive reading this Christmas week!

I must say that I’ve already started reading. Yes I know its midday and I’m already 50 pages in! I didn’t realise how short the actual book was. I never read any of the Chronicles of Narnia series as a child and as I started reading I truly feel deprived of this magical world! At least I get to read it now I suppose!

Whereas I’m enjoying it so far and I already know how the story pans out, I’m not completely thrilled with the characters. Lucy is starting to irritate me a little already. We’ll have to see how I feel about her at the end!

As I said, I’ve made a sizeable dint in the book already and I think I’ll get done before Christmas day. But what is Christmas without indulging yourself in reading? If I finish early it means I’ll get plenty of more reading in before the New Year and hopefully reach all of my goals (except for one, I accidentally left the book in my Uni flat! Yikes!)

If you want any more information on the read along you can find it in THIS POST or on our EVENTS PAGE. Happy Reading!

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