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Every year when you think you’ve done your Christmas shopping, there’s always that moment of realisation when you know you have one last minute gift to buy! If that gift is for someone who adores books then I’ve made a list of perfect books to give to your loved ones this Christmas!

Giovanna Fletcher – Dream A Little Dream
If you know someone who loves an easy, funny read then I wouldn’t look any further than Giovanna Fletcher. There is no way Giovanna gets enough credit for her hilarious writing and ii urge you to give Dream A Little Dream as a gift this Christmas. It’s definitely a book your friends or family will never forget! Also available is Dream A Little Christmas dream for the festive season!

Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus
The Night Circus was a huge book last Christmas. Most people dived in to its magical world back then, however if you know someone who has never read this absolute gem there’s no excuse not to give it as a gift! Everyone should emerge themselves in this wonderful world.

Rick Yancy – The 5th Wave
For a lover of film try The 5th Wave! The movie is set for release in January which means giving it as a Christmas gift will give them plenty of time to get the book read! The action and adventure in this novel will please almost any kind of reader!

Markus Zusak – The Book Thief
The incredible writing of this novel out weights the tragic storyline. If you’re buying for someone who loves historical novels then The Book Thief is definitely the perfect gift. Set during World War II, The Book Thief follows young Liesel as she explores the world of books. This is one of the most highly proclaimed novels in the last decade and I think it would be the perfect gift!

Young Adult
Benjamin Alire Saenz – Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Often with young adult novels there is a perceived idea that it’s all young love stories that won’t ever work or last. However Aristotle and Dante is the perfect story of friendship for you to give to a loved one! This really is the perfect gift for not only YA readers, I’m sure anyone can appreciate this story of friendship, adventure and love!

Short stories 
Dan Rhodes – Anthropology: and a Hundred Other Stories
For someone who isn’t a big reader or doesn’t have much time on their hands, why not try a short story collection? Anthropology by Dan Rhodes is a collection of stories wrote in 100 words each. This collection is perfect for someone who doesn’t have time to read but loves a story!

Graphic Novels
Richard McGuire – Here
The idea of Here is nothing but genius in my opinion. Here is a graphic novel which is set in the same room showing you what has happened in that spot over the years. The artwork is stunning and the story is unique and well told. Here would be a perfect gift for someone who loves graphic novels and definitely a gift they will never forget!

Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter – The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas
What is better present for a child than a book about Christmas and Dinosaurs? Tom and Dougie definitely have Christmas books for children covered this year! If you’re after more than just one book for you niece/nephew/family member/child whoever, check out the whole range of The Dinosaur That Pooped books!

Carrie Hope Fletcher – All I Know Now
Not only has Carrie Fletcher stormed YouTube and the stage, she’s also managed to make a name for herself as an author (and quite rightly so). All I Know Now is the wonderings of her life as she teaches us how to grow old gracefully. If you’re buying for a teenager or even an adult, everyone can learn from this book and definitely have a laugh at Carrie’s stories!

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