Halloween Read-Along Day 6

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We are nearly at the end of our Halloween read-along!! Day six already!

I haven’t been able to read much today so I don’t have lots to really post about, but I thought I would round up my favourite and least favourite parts so far.

My favourite part of this book is the shifts between the years. I love the way the two times – contemporary and 1940’s – contrast harshly in some ways and also have many parallels in others. I also really like the little secrets we are finding out about the house, the children and Miss Peregrine. The secrets seem to be getting darker and I am hoping this carries on because I want it to get a little scarier!

My least favourite part (which isn’t much, I have to say) is the fact that it is less creepy than I expected. I definitely wanted the slightly fearful vibe I was feeling at the beginning to carry on the whole way through and I hope it comes back!

Only a short post tonight as I don’t have much to say yet! My next post will be in a few days and will be a joint review of the book with Sarah! So next time I’m back on here we will have finished the book!

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