Halloween Read-Along Day 5

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Over the last few days I’ve not had that much productive time to read. Hopefully this is going to change in the next few days, and I will definitely get it done for the deadline day! Because of this, not much has changed in the story since I last wrote a post a few days ago – but that doesn’t mean that I’m not enjoying what is happening at the moment.

I’ve reached the point in the novel where I’m meeting the peculiar children, figuring them out and choosing my favourites. This has been then most exciting part for me so far I think. I’ve got to know these amazing children and all the special qualities they have to offer. It is truly quite magical.

There is one little part of the novel which is stuck in my mind as a little bit of a disappointment – I’m not finding it that scary. I’ve heard of people reading this and being unable to sleep at night. Personally, I don’t understand where any of that is coming from. I am enjoying the story that is unfolding, I just wish that it made my heart beat a little faster! When I started Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children I was in the mood to be scared, to have the full Halloween spirit, however that’s just not really what I’m getting from it.

I might be judging the book way too soon, I am only just over half way through so I will have start reading to find out what happens next!

Tomorrow Sophie will be taking the post over once again, giving me chance to get stuck in to the final half of the book!

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