Halloween Read-Along Day 4

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First of all…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

I’m delighted to be writing the update tonight, particularly because I was at a Halloween party last night dressed as a skeleton and now I’m really in a spooky mood for Halloween! At day four we are just over halfway through the read-along and I am on page 190, which is about halfway through the book! So I’ve paced myself quite well I think.

Yet again, most of my guesses about what is happening have been wrong which is great because I love the little detailed twists so much – definitely a strong point. New, important characters have already been introduced and are now being fleshed out with individual personalities and quirks which is so lovely to read.

Without spoiling too much, I love the contrast now between the different times and their settings and atmospheres within the novel; I think it is such a clever trick that works so well for this particular story. Finally meeting Miss Peregrine and the peculiar children is really one of my favourite things so far because they are now some of my favourite characters.

Something I keep thinking about whilst reading is the different ways people will picture the settings and surroundings that Jacob experiences. I love how everyone’s imaginations will be so very different, even for a novel so vividly detailed and with the photographs adding little snippets of the characters and places.

Anyway, I hope everyone joining in is loving the book as much as I am and it will be Sarah posting her thoughts again tomorrow!

Have a great Halloween!

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