Halloween Read-Along Day 1

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN READ-ALONG DAY! It officially feels like Halloween as I’m watching all the students from my block of flats head out in costumes for the student night tonight! I’m however tucked up happily in bed reading Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children!

You must all be aware by now that our Halloween Read-Along for this year is Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Today has been the official start date which means I got to dive right in to a new book this afternoon while drinking copious amounts of tea (hurrah!)

I am just a mere seventy pages in at the point of writing this but I must admit that I’m hooked on the story already! The characters are so well thought out and intriguing that I don’t know how I’ve managed to put it down if I’m honest. I’m struggling to believe that this is the first novel by Ransom Riggs because it’s so well written and rich in story that it feels like his tenth novel. His writing style has already captivated me and I now want him to write my shopping lists to make them more interesting.

I was gifted Miss Peregrines last Christmas and as I started today I still wasn’t completely sure what happened in the storyline. I knew the basics but nothing in depth which mean it was a wonderful surprise when I started to read! As soon as I picked it up I had a lot of The Night Circus and American Horror Story vibes (which are two of my favourite things so it made me VERY excited.) It definitely feels like the right time to be reading this book now and I’m SO glad that I waited this long!

I’m at a point now where the story is starting to come together and I think I can see where it’s leading. I’m definitely very excited about reading further in and seeing what twists and turns await me!

For the rest of the week I and Sophie will be taking turns posting daily about our thoughts and where we’re up to with the novel! Make sure that you stick around to find out what we think!

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