Another Day by David Levithan

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Another Day by David Levithan was probably my most anticipated book of 2015. Whereas I can say that I enjoyed Another Day, it in no way made as big of an impression on me as Every Day did.

Title: Another Day

Author: David Levithan

Genre: YA, romance

Publisher: Electric Monkey

Publication Date: 30th July 2015

Pages: 400

Summery : Every day is the same for Rhiannon. She has convinced herself that she deserves her distant, moody boyfriend, Justin. She knows the rules: Don’t be needy. Avoid upsetting him. Never get your hopes up.

Then, out of the blue, they share a perfect day together – perfect, that is, until Justin doesn’t remember anything about it. Confused, and yearning for another day as great as that one, Rhiannon starts to question everything. And that’s when a stranger tells her that the Justin she spent that time with … wasn’t Justin at all.

Another Day is the companion novel to Everyday by David Levithan. It comes to you from the point of view of Rhiannon, a wonderful girl which A (Everyday protagonist) met during the first novel. I was unsure what to expect going in to Another Day, but I was surprised to find that it is the exact same story being told (to the point that during it I’d stop and think ‘ooooh yeah!’) Many companion novels are similar to the first, but with a story so magnificently original as Every Day I couldn’t imagine Mr Levithan just wanting to repeat the majority of it.

My main problem with the novel was that with hearing so much from Rhiannon’s point of view in this novel, she became very whiney, irrational and needy. She was a character that I somewhat liked in Every Day and someone I respected for how she treated the strange situation. However in this novel now we heard more of her voice she seemed to grate on me the more I read. I struggled to find any kind of sympathy for her unlike in Every Day where I felt I fully understood her. I felt like shouting at her and telling her to ‘get a grip’ half the book! At numerous points I stopped and wondered what A sees in her to be trying to make that relationship work as desperately as he/she did.

The cons did not outweigh the pros. Levithan still delivers a moving story, catching your attention with absolutely stunning writing. He has a way of capturing your attention with a sentence that never fails to amaze me with each novel of his I dive in to. The story always links together well and the same is said for Another Day. One more thing I particularly enjoyed was the extent of Rhiannon’s relationship with Justin during Another Day that we saw; something I specifically didn’t understand a great deal of in Every Day.

So would you buy it? I’d say yeah. If you like David Levithan then you’ll like this book. If you’ve not read anything by him before then I might even advise to start with this book. The genius thing with this companion novel is that it easily works as a standalone, something I was dubious of considering the obscurity of it!

This is definitely a novel that can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike!

Rating Header3.5 three point five StarsSarah Signature

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